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Another US Powerball winner claims $1 mln via TheLotter

It is becoming a tradition. On Saturday 27 February 2016 the online lottery agent TheLotter reported its second US Powerball winner over the span of a month who was lucky to win the lottery's second prize of $1 mln. This time the prize was won by the player from Quebec, Canada.

As it usually happens, the Powerball winner could not first believe in his luck. And no wonder at all, as it is not the everyday occasion when the 5 matched Powerball winning numbers pay off $1 mln especially playing the lottery online from abroad. The winner recalls discovering the happy news. “I woke in the morning on Sunday and decided to check US Powerball results while having breakfast. Checking my entry against the published US Powerball results I was literally shocked discovering they were almost identical. It took me a while to come around and I called to my son and said I was checking US Powerball results at the moment and though we were winners.”

On Saturday's evening of 27 February 2016, the 60-years-old Mr. P. attended the hockey match in Montreal with his son while the lottery officials drew Powerball winning numbers in the USA, Florida. Earlier the same evening, before leaving his home (located 100 miles from Montreal) he received a reminder from TheLotter stating that the ticket sales for Powerball were soon to be closed, so he had to be swift. So before starting his car and heading for Montreal to watch the hockey, he went online to TheLotter website and purchased 7 US Powerball tickets. The next morning having his breakfast he went online to check US Powerball results. We can only imagine his amazement discovering that he was only one number away from the jackpot. Nevertheless, he became Powerball winner and a millionaire with $1 mln in his pocket.

Powerball winner from Canada – The winning ticket from Wisconsin

Impressively enough, the second prize-winning ticket for Powerball draw as of 27 February 2016 was purchased in Marinette, the State of Wisconsin, while the Powerball winner turned out to be the citizen of Quebec, Canada who did not even left the country to get it. All he had to do is to buy Powerball tickets online. Currently, it is possible using the online lottery services such as TheLotter.

So what were US Powerball results then? Powerball winning numbers for the corresponding draw were 10, 11, 21, 22, 53 and 18. The Power Play booster accounted for 3. The Canadian winner was lucky to match the 5 main Powerball winning numbers and scoop 1 million dollars. He could have won to times more using The Power Play booster option. The Powerball winner has 180 days from the draw date in his disposal to claim the prize. The original ticket with Powerball winning numbers has to be provided for the lottery officials in the USA to get the money.

Ever more Canadians play Powerball online

Interestingly enough, the lucky Powerball winner joined TheLotter yet back in January when Powerball lottery jackpot reached the mind-boggling $1.6 bn. Just like thousand of his countrymen, Mr. P addressed the Internet to find the way to take part in the historic Powerball raffle and was lucky to come across TheLotter. He had no luck then but did not lose heart and continued playing.

The Powerball winner says he won't waste time and will go to the USA at once to claim the prize. It will take him just 5 hours to drive to New Jersey. Our congratulations to the lucky winner and his family. The next Powerball draw is to take place on 2 March 2016 and to raffle $292 mln jackpot. So no matter what country you live in, you can try luck using TheLotter services, for instance. Who knows, maybe next time that will be you who will have to go to the USA to claim the jackpot. Read our TheLotter review, play lotto online and be lucky!