picking lottery numbers

Picking the winning lottery numbers

At the fist glance, it seems there is nothing easier than to check off several numbers from the offered guess range. Everyone resolving to play the lottery faces this “challenge”. The task will not be tough for the average person. But if it goes about the passionate player who knows that winning several million depends on these numbers than it is a different story. Realizing the significance of their choice many players resort to various strategies and tactics to hit the winning lottery numbers. Eventually, it developed into the sort of “science”. Thus many lottery players apply lotto results statistics. The winning lottery numbers are sorted out depending on how frequently they are drawn. Every lotto has its hot (more frequent) and cold (less frequent) numbers. Depending on their preferences the lottery players put a stake either on the hot or cold numbers or combine them. Applying the mentioned approach requires using the correct frequency matrix. In other words, do not use EuroMillions statistics playing French Lotto.

Studying the lottery winning numbers selection approaches you will come to the conclusion that it is not that easy procedure as it seems at first. Apart from frequency statistics based method the other approaches list: delta lottery numbers, lucky lottery numbers, lottery numbers generator, lottery system.

Delta lottery numbers

Undoubtedly enough this is one of the most complex and intricate techniques. Still, if you are fond of tackling challenging tasks especially those with numbers, then it is just what you need. The procedure is broken down step by step:

- take a number, preferably a small one (let's take 3);
- take two numbers from 1 to 8 (let's take 5 and 7);
- take a number standing close to 8 (10, for instance);
- take two numbers from 8 to 15 (11 and 13, for instance);
- write them out, you will have 3-5-7-10-11-13;
- scramble the delta lottery numbers you have got: 11-5-10-3-7-13;
- write out the first number, it will be first in you lottery combination (11);
- add the first two numbers (11+5=16), then add the value you have received and the third number and so on and so forth: 11, 16, 26, 29, 36, 49.
- make sure that the biggest number does not exceed the lottery guess range.

Lucky lottery numbers

This approach is much easier. Every person has his or her favorite or the most meaningful numbers in life: birthday dates, age, phone numbers and so on. The regular players call them lucky lottery numbers and use them regularly filling up the entries.

Lottery numbers generator

This is probably the easiest way to choose the numbers. Currently, you will not have to pit wits, the lottery numbers generator will produce the random combination automatically saving you trouble and time. The option is available both in the traditional retail outlets and online.

Lottery system

Lottery system implies using all the possible combinations of the limited range of numbers. For instance, it is required to guess 6 numbers then any 7 numbers in the lottery guess range are taken to produce 7 different combinations. Lottery system approach is very popular among the players so that the over-the-counter and online lottery agents provide it along with the above-mentioned automatic generation. Furthermore it improves the winning odds considerably: the more combinations are used the higher is the chance. If you apply the lottery system for the 6-numbers lottery and check off 7, 8 or 9 numbers then you will get 7, 28 and 84 combination respectively.

It is worth mentioning the none of the mentioned approaches: statistics, delta lottery numbers, lucky lottery numbers, lottery numbers generator or lottery system guarantees 100% sure jackpot winning.