oldest lottery winners

The world's 4 oldest lottery winners

“Should I give up playing lotteries and live the idea of hitting the jackpot behind if I have never been lucky to match more than 2 winning numbers?” This is what millions of lottery players asked themselves. Surely enough as many players as many opinions. Still based on the global statistics we can assume that there is no solid reason to be so pessimistic and do not even try hitting the jackpot. The confirmation of this assumption comes from the four stories about the world's oldest lottery winners their aspiration and the Lady Luck smiling upon them.

The oldest lottery winner #1 - Nguyen Van Het

One of the oldest lottery winners is a poor Nguyen Van Het villager from Vietnam. Yet back in 2010 the 97-years-old man scooped £235,000 lottery prize the huge money for Vietnam. He said he had to spend the money before going out of the world but what did was really unbelievable. All his life he struggled to make both ends meet so he, in fact, did know how to use the money. When his lottery winning became the issue of the common knowledge people started asking him for financial help and Nguyen Van Het handed almost everything leaving some small money for the rainy day. His neighbor even had to contact the local authorities for them to appeal to Nguyen's reason and stop the “charity” before he was out of money at all. Before becoming rich Nguyen received some financial support from the authorities living on the breadline. In that way, he tried to repay the society. All in all, he bought a TV, some meat for himself as well as a sack of rice for his family and neighbors.

The oldest lottery winner #2 - Omer Williamson

Omer Williamson from Fulton (Missouri) scooped an impressive lottery prize of 3.5 mln dollars in January 1992. Omer, now deceased, was 85 years and 187 days old when he won big, in that way becoming one of the oldest lottery winners in the world as well as the oldest lottery winner in the State of Missouri.

The oldest lottery winner #3 - Gracie Vera Coulson

On 11 December 1999, the 87-years-old Gracie Vera Coulson hit the jackpot of 5,451,939 pounds. It also worth mentioning that she was a member of the lottery syndicate and had to split the winning with four other syndicate members.

The oldest lottery winner #4 - Gloria C. MacKenzie

The 85-years-old Gloria C. MacKenzie is not only one of the oldest lottery winners but also the sole lottery winner of the world's third largest jackpot. In 2013 she was lucky to scoop $590 Powerball jackpot. In July 2015 she was rumored to donate $2 mln for the schools of Maine as well as to buy a new house for $1.175 mln. In a few words, Gloria continues living a slow-paced millionaire's life.

The ideal age to win the lottery

Another controversial question: “What is an ideal age to hit the jackpot: when you are young and aspiring or when you are old and disillusioned?” There are proponents on the both sides. Still, one thing is 100% sure: no matter how old you are 18 or 98 it is always pleasing to become either one of the youngest or one of the oldest lottery winners. Play and win big!