National Lottery winner

The potential £33 mln National Lottery winner showed up

The potential £33 mln National Lottery winner of UK Lotto which was held on Saturday 9 January 2016, who claims she had accidentally put the winning ticket in the washer and done the laundry, has already received dozens of letters from people asking for financial help although she hasn't yet received a penny.

The 2nd half of the record UK Lotto jackpot claimed?

Susanne Hinte from Worcester claims she had accidentally washed the jeans with the winning UK Lotto ticket in the pocket. Currently, she is waiting for Camelot decision (UK Lotto operating company) on whether she is entitled to get the prize which can change her and her relatives’ life forever. Coming from Germany and having two daughters and four grandchildren, Mrs. Hinte lives a mile from Ambleside News, the place where the second winning UK Lotto ticket was sold. She was swift to arrive there with her ticket, which as she explained had been washed when Camelot reported the second £33 mln winning UK Lotto ticket the next day after the draw. The winning numbers were still legible but the date and the bar code were washed off. The same day, her 28-years-old daughter Natasha Douglas, a consultant in Morrisons, told MailOnline, “She never said she won the lottery. She said she had the winning numbers and I saw them.

Hinte is already asked for financial support

Mrs. Hinte is a hard-working employee. In case she is recognized National Lottery winner, she will use the money to support her family financially as well as to do some charity work. She said she was in fact not that concerned about winning UK Lotto jackpot as it was just a sheer luck. If she is recognized National Lottery winner, fine, if not, so be it. According to her daughter, the winning combination is still legible although the ticket itself was damaged by water. Claiming the prize Mrs. Hinte wished not to disclose her identity at least until Camelot’s final decision. Still, the news went viral through the Facebook and her name stirred the huge public interest all over the world. She said she would leave the county taking along all her family after getting the prize.

Mrs. Hinte’s daughter explained why her mother hadn’t checked her UK Lotto ticket in time. On the draw day, she had been busy with the grandchildren and simply forgot to find out the results. She started searching the ticket only after her daughter’s call who told she could be the £33 mln National Lottery winner as one of the winning tickets was reported to be sold in Worcester. She literally turned the house inside out to discover the ticket in the jeans she washed the day before. She tried to save the winning UK Lotto ticket with the hairdryer and partly succeeded. The winning numbers were still readable while the date (except for the year 2016) and the bar code were hardly legible. Following the shop owner’s advice, she sent the ticket to Camelot. The decision is pending.

Thousands alleged winning £33 mln

Mrs. Hinte’s case created a precedent. Camelot has already received thousand of claims regarding the lost, damaged or stolen UK Lotto tickets winning £33 mln. Camelot will have to consider and investigate all the received claims. It reserves the right to pay out the prizes won by the stolen, lost or damaged tickets at its own and sole discretion under the condition of receiving the player's written pleading within 30 days from the draw date, Camelot representative explained. Who will be recognized National Lottery winner and get the cherished £33 mln prize?