Mega Millions jackpot record

The Largest Mega Millions Jackpot Prize Ever Won

Have you ever thought about the approximate amount of the largest jackpot winning prize? Why is the ordinary Tuesday night of the 23rd of October considered to be such a memorable one? Because we are about to know the winner of an amazing $1.537 billion jackpot. By the way, this is the largest Mega Millions payout ever proposed and the second biggest jackpot ever launched. According to the information that was provided by lottery officials there was only one jackpot winning ticket sold in South Carolina. It matched all the jackpot winning numbers of the lottery. However, everyone is more than eager to know who that lottery winner is, there are some fixed regulations in South California. Because of being one of the smallest states, the jackpot lottery winners are allowed not to announce information about their winning. So we should be ready to meet the fact of not knowing this Mega Millions jackpot winner from South California.

Winning Mega Millions numbers

It should be pointed out that there were 36 tickets that were lucky to match the main five Mega Millions numbers for winning (28, 70, 5, 62, 65). Each of those winners of Mega Millions jackpot won the prize of 1 million. Not bad, right? We can only imagine how those people indulge in their money winning. Also, there are two possible options about the jackpot payment - it’s possible to receive money for 30 years or there is a more healthy option which allows to get the whole sum in a single lump but in a smaller amount.

Mega Millions jackpot record vs Powerball lottery

As it was mentioned before Mega Millions jackpot record was the second biggest one, but what is the first one? Actually, there was another jackpot launched by Powerball in January 2016 with the prize of $1.586 billion. That sum was shared among three winners and gave them the brilliant chance to make their dreams come true. As you can see there isn’t a big difference in the proposed winning sum. By the way, Mega Millions jackpot odds are among the highest ones.

Mega Millions jackpot history

Talking about the Mega Millions jackpot history winnings there was a person from California who won $320.5 million cash. The next jackpot was only $40 million and again there was that unforgettable rise of the jackpot winning prize on the 26th of October, 2018. There was an exhilarating moment when the fans were waiting for the Powerball draw with the offer of $750 million. It took its honorable third place in the history of the largest jackpots. Are you the one who would like to win the next jackpot lottery prize? Then be the one.