lucky lottery numbers

Lucky lottery numbers

What is the secret power of the lucky lottery numbers? It is common for the people engaged in numerology to have their lucky numbers. Any one-, two-, three- or multiple-digit number can be lucky for different people. The numbers can turn out to be lucky in line with various events in life including the dates of birth, marriage, meeting the beloved ones or the phone and car numbers. The people fond of astrology often find lucky numbers in their star signs. Some even use them as their lucky lottery numbers.

Even though the players can choose the combination of their most lucky lottery numbers from the huge range of the possible variants, most choose one which is mostly considered unlucky. This goes, in particular, about the celebrities. Despite the “ill fame”, they choose 13 as their lucky number. The lucky number 13 is chosen by Taylor Swift (American singer, actress, country and pop songwriter), Adriana Lima (supermodel from Brazil, one of Victoria's Secret, Maybelline poster model), Leyla Milani (model and actress), LL Cool J (American hip-hop singer and producer), Mena Suvari (actress) to name the few. This says its all, they are not superstitious.

Unlucky number 13?

Most people consider 13 to be unlucky. What backs the bad record of this number among the superstitious people? The unlucky number 13 is referred to in relation to Friday 13th, the unluckiest day in the year; Christ disciple Judas who betrayed him counted the 13th at the table during the Lord's Supper; the killing of Abel, as well as the Crucifix of Jesus Christ, is believed to occur on 13th; the US Apollo 13 mission failed (fortunately making no harm to anyone).

Lucky number 13?

The ill fame of the unlucky number 13 can be all due to the mere coincidences. 13 is significant for a number of nations, such as the Americans: the first 13 colonies, 13 stars on the original flag, 13 stripes on the modern flag, some even believe that 13 was symbolized in one dollar bill.

The number 13 is also very significant for astronomy and astrology. The Moon's celestial motion accounts on average for 13 degrees; it takes the Earth 13 weeks to get from the equinox to the solstice. 13 weeks account for the period from the first day of spring (20 March) to the first day of summer (21 June); then to the first day of autumn (23 September) and to the first day of winter (21 December) and to the first day of spring again.

Lucky lottery numbers

Studying the unlucky number 13 and the lucky number 13 is very engaging especially when it goes about the lotteries. Interestingly enough the first draw of EuroMillions lottery was held on Friday the 13th in February 2004. And what is even more interesting, the jackpot of €15 mln was hit by the player from France where 13 is commonly considered a lucky number. Still, it is an issue of the personal choice whether to reject or take the facts for granted. Still, be sure not to exclude 13 completely from the numbers you choose for one or another lotto. It is often drawn as a winning lottery number. Every number stands a fair chance to appear in the lottery jackpot winning combination.