UK lotto winners

UK Lotto winners: British couple won £33 mln

UK Lotto held on 9 January 2016 jack-potted a huge sum of £66,070,646 which is to be split by the two winning tickets matching the winning numbers of 26, 27, 46, 47, 52, 58 and 48. One of the lucky tickets was purchased by the married couple from Hawick. David and Carol Martin bought the ticket in Morrisons supermarket. They checked the results and discovered the winning the next day on Sunday.  
As they told the press, they claimed they were ill to explain their absence at work. Eventually, they called to their employers to tell they were UK lotto winners who scooped the record UK Lotto jackpot. Still, the first person they broke the happy news to was their daughter at that moment living in Australia. The first thing they decided to buy was the first-class ticket to get their daughter back home.

Discovering the £33 winning

On that life-changing day, the married couple had been resting at home suspecting nothing (the ticket was on the mantelpiece) until the visit of their friend. 
On that Sunday morning, David's friend paid a visit to the Martins. In the course of the conversation, he mentioned that there were 2 UK Lotto winners hitting the record UK Lotto jackpot and each would claim £33 mln. David recalls he wanted to check the ticket at once still he didn't find the results in the newspapers he had. So that they decided to check the results on the web using the mobile phone. Carol read the numbers and David checked their entry. They played 3 entries and the first one fully matched the UK Lotto jackpot winning combination. The ticket was checked more than 10 times. The couple dreamed of becoming UK Lotto winners, but they were literally shocked when that happened. Checking the results, again and again, they couldn't believe they were not dreaming until they called Camelot (the lottery operator) which confirmed the £33 mln winning.

Future plans of UK Lotto winners

Married for 28 years already, Carol and David Martin plan to quit their jobs as soon as possible and buy the house of their dream in Hawick as well as one in some southern resort town to change the climate whenever they want.

The second record UK Lotto jackpot winner hasn't yet shown up

Unbelievably enough, the second record UK Lotto jackpot winner hasn't yet appeared. Maybe he is still unaware of the life-changing winning. Playing UK Lotto online he would have already been notified about the winning by phone or email latest the next day after the draw.  
Later on, Monday Camelot asked the players to check their tickets once again. According to the adopted rules UK Lotto winners have 180 days in their disposal to claim the won prizes. In this way, the deadline is on 7 July 2016.