LottoSend Winners

Lottosend Winners

An English couple literally smiles from ear to ear after receiving a Christmas present which by all means exceeded their dearest wishes for this year. And that was all thanks to Lottosend.  Yvonne & Jerry Fitzpatrick from the English town West Yorkshire have been the regular players and the devoted fans of UK National Lottery for over a decade having little luck apart from the odd match of three balls bringing them a £10 return occasionally. 

Becoming Lottosend winners

Still, the usual scenario changed this summer when a friend of theirs told them about Lottosend. They gave it a try. Striving to play more regularly and increase their winning chances playing more tickets at once, the couple made a decision to sign up for the group game option in Mega Millions & Powerball lotteries originating and held in the USA. 

We interviewed the lucky Lottosend winners and congratulated them on their $20,450 strike of luck. In particular, we were curious about their story of becoming the lottery players. What urged them to try the lottery luck online after years of playing their national games over the counter. 

“What I liked first and foremost, was that I could play other games different from our national lotto in terms of the jackpots and secondary prizes varying from draw to draw. Being a true lotto fan, I really enjoy the playing process when I pick the numbers. Here in England, the big lotteries are held maximum two times a week while I and my wife wanted to play more often. Luckily Lottosend enabled us to play on the global scale how and when we wanted. Undoubtedly enough, that was the right choice as we became Lottosend winners and scooped a little fortune,” Jerry told. 

Lottosend winners' future plans

That recent windfall enabled Jerry and Yvonne to make their long cherished dream come true and buy tickets to Australia to visit their son and grandchildren in February. “It is a journey we have been discussing long and finally the tickets are booked!”. Still, it is not a halt. When we asked them whether they were going to give up playing lottery online, Jerry did not hesitate about the answer, “Surely no! Personally, I will continue playing as I used to and possibly even more but we will first see what my wife says about that!”
We hope and believe that Jerry and Yvonne will have a wonderful Christmas & enjoy their vacation in Australia.