lottery syndicate trust

Increasing trust in the lottery syndicate

Lottery syndicate is a group of people sharing a common goal: hitting the lottery jackpot or winning big money. Every member makes an equal money contribution for the lotto syndicate to buy more tickets to increase the chances to win.

Naturally enough, investing money in one or another lottery syndicate you expect it to consist solely of the trustful and reliable people so that it is recommended to team up with the close friends or relatives. If you are the lottery syndicate head it is important to be trusted by every lotto syndicate member.

Winning confidence is not that easy especially when it goes about the money. Still, it is possible following these principles:

Mean what you say

It is one of the most important conditions to develop the trust-based relationships with your lottery syndicate members. For instance, if you agreed to collect the participation fees every Tuesday at 4 p.m., or agreed on the certain quantity of lottery tickets and promised to present a check, then do what you said and that will be highly appreciated.

No matter how insufficient the promise may seem always fulfill it. Once again if you agreed to collect the participation fees on Tuesday at 4 p.m. than do not be late, your lotto syndicate members may have other arrangements and cannot be late, so do not let them down!

Stipulate details in advance

Before buying the lottery tickets stipulate every detail to avoid misunderstanding as well as draft the lottery syndicate agreement. For instance, one of the lotto syndicate members is pressed for money at the moment and cannot make a $2 contribution, then (if it was stipulated) the other members will cover the shortage. All the participation rules set forth in the lottery syndicate agreement should be discussed, signed and strictly followed by every lotto syndicate member.

Always tell the truth, no matter what it is

Irrespective of the situation you always have, to tell the truth and only the truth. If you are suspected even in a minor lie you may lose trust. All in all, if you are not ready to speak about the syndicate's problems without concealing anything, so how can you expect them to trust you?

Summing up

Would you agree to enter the lottery syndicate that you do not trust? Surely not, every player wants to be sure that his money will not be pocketed by the lotto syndicate head and that he will get the equal share of the winnings. That is why the mutual trust and the trustworthy syndicate cash-keeper are the two prerequisite conditions for success. Every lotto syndicate aims to attract more people to build up the tickets bank and correspondingly increase the winning chances. In this way, the higher is your level of trust the faster the new members will join your lottery syndicate which is a key to success!