lottery syndicate

Lottery syndicate

Ever luckiest lottery syndicates in the world
Do you happen to know that the lottery syndicates win every third jackpot in the world? That is why the number of players who want to join the lottery syndicate and try their luck is growing exponentially. Keeping up with the latest trends the web lottery agents resolved to offer online lottery syndicate option for their users. In this way, any lotto fan can enjoy playing the globe's biggest games in a team of the fellow players. Playing in a team is somewhat different from playing individually still it ensures better winning chances for every participant. They will split the tickets price as well as the winning equally playing more combinations of numbers at once.

What is a lottery syndicate?

It is a common knowledge that the lotto winning chances are no that big. Still, the winning probability can be hiked via playing more different combinations in one draw. This justifies the decisions to team up and pool the money to buy more tickets. The phenomenon is known as the lottery syndicate or lottery pool. Please find below several stories about the world's luckiest lottery syndicates.

Three Amigos Lottery pool

Three Amigos is undoubtedly one of the globe's most famous lottery syndicates. The lottery pool members worked in US Maryland State educational sphere. In March 2012 this lottery syndicate bought 60 tickets for the major American lotto USA Mega Millions pooling about $20 from each member. The decision came in line with the size of Mega Millions jackpot of $656 mln raffled then. It is the world's second largest jackpot won to date. Then luck smiled upon 3 winners including Three Amigos syndicate which scooped $218 mln.

Oceans 16 Lottery syndicate

This lottery pool listing 16 employees of US Ocean district transportation department (New Jersey) hit the huge Powerball jackpot in August 2013. As it was the case with Three Amigos, Ocean 16 syndicate won one-third of $448 mln jackpot. Ocean 16 players' share accounted for $149 mln. The money was split equally between the players, each of them became $3,800,000 richer after the taxation. Interestingly enough, then Ocean district was severely damaged by the hurricane. So we can assume that the winning was a rather fair gift of fate.

Dublin Lottery Syndicate

In September 2014 an Irish lottery pool was lucky to win €86,700,000 jackpot in EuroMillions, a major pan-European lottery. Exercising the right to stay anonymous the lottery syndicate members decided not to disclose their personalities. According to the lottery officials, the winning ticket was purchased in Dublin. That was the single-ticket win.