lottery scams

Online lottery scams – Lottery frauds, scam email and cheats

What won't the sly online lottery scams think of next to deceive the trustful lottery players into parting with their money? These are emails sent allegedly to break the happy news of winning 1 million dollars, Facebook notifications and so on and so forth. Please find below some of the most common lottery scams cheats and lottery frauds.

Scam emails allegedly sent by the recent winners

Among numerous scam emails and lottery frauds, it is, first of all, worth mentioning those sending lottery winning notification emails allegedly on behalf of the lottery winners who were recently lucky to hit the jackpot. For instance, the online lottery scams used the name of Tom Crist who was lucky to win $42 mln in Canadian Lotto Max and addressed the public to announce donating the money for charity. So what is the gist of the trick? The scam emails say it is you whom Tom Crist is going to help financially and all you have to do to get the cash credited to your bank account is to follow the link and send your personal data.

Cheats on the popular sites

Do you happen to know that there are about 1.23 billion Facebook users, 200 million Instagram and 800 million YAHOO users? These sites are the real bonanza for the online lottery scams which will use any opportunity to convince you that you are a lucky winner of 1 million dollars. They will comment your videos, photos and use special applications to make you send them some cash.

Credit cards

Lottery frauds with credit cards are the most dangerous ones as the lottery scams try to steal both your money and personal data. For instance, using MasterCard (or other brands) logos they make the letters look very persuasive. They ask to pay an extra fee to carry out the transaction and credit the cash to your account. Naturally enough, the scams will be the only ones to benefit from it.

Summing up

Remember, in case you receive the emails, notifications or commentaries which are objectively too good to be true then it is more likely the lottery frauds. It is highly improbable that any winner or website would like to share or give the money for no reason in particular. And what is more important, it is impossible to win a lottery you didn’t even play. Do not look for explanations like “I was too busy and might have forgotten” or “I play too many lotteries to remember all of them”. Do not buy into these tricks and good luck!