lottery myths

Myth or reality – busting lottery myths

If you or one of your acquaintances has been playing lotteries for a while, then you should have already come across some lottery myths. Ridiculously enough, but most players easily buy into these “stories”. Still, sometimes there is a grain of truth in them. Please find below some of the most popular lottery myths on the Internet. What is the story you believe in?

Lottery Myth #1: you will be more likely stricken by the lightning than win lottery

This stating was contradicted by the lottery committee from the US State of Iowa in October 1997. Based on their statistics there were 1,139 people lucky to win 1 million dollars and over, 4,520 people won $100,000 and over in the North American lotteries. In contrast, 91 people were unlucky that year to be stricken by the lightning.

Lottery Myth #2: the fewer people play the higher are the chances to win lottery

Some people believe that the fewer people take part in the draw the higher are the chances to win lottery grand prize. It does not work that way and may concern just the number of possible winners to share the jackpot.

Lottery Myth #3: playing one and the same lotto numbers will guarantee the lottery winning

Some players think that playing one and the same lotto numbers (the so-called favorite lotto numbers) will guarantee the lottery winning as they will appear in one or another draw. Certainly, there is a certain possibility still every number stands the same chance to be drawn. The chance for the 3 lotto numbers to appear in every draw in estimated as 1 in 57.

Lottery Myth #4: addiction to gambling starts with lotteries

Addiction to gambling as well as any other form of addiction consists of a number of physiological and biological factors of the original character type and behavior. In a few words, you will not develop a gambling addiction just because you started playing lotteries.

Lottery Myth #5: it is impossible to win lottery more than once

This myth was refuted by the British couple David Long and Kathleen McKenzie who were lucky to win over 1 million dollars in EuroMillions lottery 2 times in 2 years as well as a bonus prize, a ritzy Jaguar.

Lottery Myth #6: lottery is one of the taxation forms

Be it for good or for bad, currently, it is almost impossible to avoid paying taxes without being fined or cast to prison. The same goes for the lottery winning taxes. Playing or not playing the lottery is an issue of one's personal choice you cannot be forced to do that.

All in all, enjoy playing, do not buy into those “stories”, avoid gambling abuse and luck will sooner or later smile upon you.