lottery luck

6 tips on regaining confidence in your lottery luck

You think you will never be lucky to win the lottery

You woke up in the morning understanding you are not even a cent richer than yesterday. This might have been lasting for months already and you have lost faith in winning at least anything. None of your friends is lucky to win the lottery and this brings you down even more hardly. All this creates an impression that the lottery winners are unbelievably fortunate or are even “insiders” or are bribers. Believe or not, you are not the only one thinking that way. There are millions of people sharing your opinion and believing that only a great luck may help them to win the lottery. Still, it is far from it.

The feeling of surrender is natural and if it is obsessing you then take advantage of the following tips, they may be just what your need:

1. Lottery luck: Read as many happy winners' stories as possible.

There are numerous stories about people winning the big money and initially having a very vague hope for that. Surely your lottery winning may not come tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or even in several years. Playing and scooping the lottery winning requires a lot of patience and persistence.

2. Lottery luck: Weight all pros and cons

The best strategy for any serious undertaking will be singling out all advantages and disadvantages. You may start your pros and cons list with a phrase “I don't play lottery” and list the related advantages and disadvantages. More likely your list of cons will be shorter than the list of pros. So why not play? These are relatively minor “investments” which may return millions.

Then you may make the same list for the phrase “I continue playing lotteries”. The list of pros, in this case, will surely be a good motivation.

3. Lottery luck: It is just a bonus in your life

If you feel that you are losing hope of getting the lottery winning, then maybe you are putting screws on yourself. You should remember that haste makes waste. Just enjoy playing and do not make the lottery winning your #1 priority. Surely, winning the lottery and becoming rich is great but take it just like a bonus: a pleasant gift of luck which is still not something you will not be able to live without.

4. Lottery luck: Enjoy even the minor winnings

When you win small prizes you may think something like that “I would have better won nothing than this trifle, this does not fit my expectations”. You may think that you have wasted your chance, but luck is not an ordinary consumption product which can go short: it is $2 today and possibly $10,000 tomorrow. These small winnings prove that luck does not turn its back on you and you stand a chance to win the lottery big.

5. Lottery luck: Don't be committed to certain principles

Some players follow certain rules of their own: some buy lottery tickets in the same retail outlets, other select one and the same numbers for every next draw, other purchase certain quantity of lottery tickets (no more and no less). Do not be so committed to your principles, just relax and enjoy the game, change the setting and buy the lottery ticket in other outlets, buy more lottery tickets be it 7 or 8: 7 because it is a lucky number and 8 just because you want. You'll see, the gameplay will become more pleasant.

6. Lottery luck: Maybe it is a high time to make a pause?

Yes, indeed, maybe sometimes it is necessary to make an intermission. Maybe because it is not an appropriate time and you have to reevaluate something in your life, solve some problems. You do not have to give up playing lotteries forever. Sort everything out and start enjoying the game again.

Do not lose heart if you did not win anything again. Go over these tips from time to time, hope for the best and believe luck will surely smile upon you.