claiming lottery winning

Claiming lottery winning

You were lucky to win and are going to claim the lottery winning but the online lottery website is silent. Don't panic!

Supposed you had been playing the lottery for years and had already bought dozens of lottery tickets and still had no luck. Finally, that was a big break. The lottery ticket you bought online to take part in your favorite lottery turned out to be a winning one so you contact the online lottery website but receive no answer. The dark thoughts start plaguing your head and you keep asking what you should do. Do not lose your heart too early. Read the story below to find the possible development scenarios and tips to avoid the scam lottery traps.

Choosing a reliable online lottery website

How to avoid the scam lottery website? Usually, it turns out that it is too late to look for the online feedbacks for the website selling you the lottery ticket. Most likely the one you relied on scammed you. Currently, the online lottery websites sprout like mushrooms after the summer rain. The number of agents, offered lotteries, game features, prices, winning royalties, bonuses and discounts can make one dizzy. The selection based on the above-listed factors is not the best strategy for you will not be sure whether it runs the licensed business or not. Read the provided info and the participation conditions very thoroughly paying attention to the “small print”. Take off the pink-colored glasses and do not buy into the “best offers ever”. Spend some time visiting the topical forums, read the users' feedbacks, analyze the comments, weight all pros and the cons.

Is it a credible online lottery website?

Upon gaining the increasing popularity every online lottery website was subject the tougher control. Be sure, there are credible online lottery agents offering the high-quality services but there are also the disguised scam lottery agents.

Check the provided contacts: the phone numbers, emails as well the online chat; the support has to be really online and helpful. This is an important thing one has to pay attention to when choosing the online lottery website.

Still, there is no need to panic if it has been 2 hours and your email is not yet answered. There are solid reasons for that: technical issues, too many inquiries to process by the relatively small team, for instance. It is alarming when the email is not answered for several days. Try to write directly to the head office if the contact details are provided.

The other way to check the resource credibility is to scan it online. For example, visit Whois website and enter the agent's domain to see the related detailed info.

Scam lottery websites

If you tried to contact the online lottery website using all the available options and failed, so it is a high time to read the participation conditions once more. This is a very important section which is yet frequently neglected. It can often result in misunderstandings concerning the lottery winning viewed as scamming. The participation conditions should be by no means neglected especially when the huge lottery winning is at a stake!

Read this document paying attention to the payment and money withdrawal section just to be sure you did not miss any important condition or there were some special conditions stipulated for your country. Sometimes it is required to provide the ID or the original lottery ticket to get the lottery winning.

No matter what it is, do not panic. Check it out whether the administration can be reached on the weekends or 24/7. Regretfully enough but if there is still no answer then you probably registered at the scam lottery website. In such a case forewarn other players who are just going to buy the lottery ticket at the same site. Leave your feedback on the topical forums. Be more careful and critical when choosing the online lottery website. Buy lottery ticket from the tested lottery agents you can find at LocaLotto.