beat lottery winning odds

Beat the lottery winning odds

Is it at all possible to buy so many lottery tickets to check off all the possible combinations?

Imagine that you are a millionaire and you can literally toss the money around. Would be there something to stop you from buying as many lottery tickets as possible to check off all the possible combinations in USA Mega Millions lottery, for example?

Buying all the lottery tickets for a draw - Background

On 25 February 1992 when the lottery winning odds for Virginia Lottery jackpot of $27 mln were estimated as 1 in 7 mln, an Australian lottery syndicate purchased 5 million tickets. They just run out of time to buy the remaining 2 million tickets. And, imagine, it still hit the lottery jackpot.

That set a precedent which got Virginia Lottery operators concerned that that could happen once again so that they suspended the wholesale ticket purchases. Surely enough that provoked the players' indignation as they had to wait in the queues just to buy a single ticket.

How does the lottery tickets wholesale work?

As a rule, players will have to fill in the entry lines in the tickets and it takes some time. Imagine how much time it will take even a lottery syndicate to fill in 7 million tickets, for example, to check off every possible combination. Naturally enough the above-mentioned lottery syndicate managed to play only 5 million tickets.

Let's not leave alone the fact that the major lotteries such as Powerball and Mega Millions are drawn 2 times a week which makes the task even tougher.

You won and what next?

Imagine you spend $5 mln and won $27 mln. Our congratulation the 5 million dollars investment returned 22 million.

And what if you are not the only winner, if there is someone else lucky to match the lottery winning combination? The number of tickets sold for the draw is not restricted as a rule. You will have to split the lottery winning with one or several other winners; there is always a chance for that. It sounds not that encouraging taking into account the fact you spent $5 million while others just several bucks. There is also a chance to lose if, for instance, you run out of time and do not manage to check off all the possible combinations. That would be really devastating. To crown it all, spending such money for the lottery draw may be wasteful because the investment may not return, there may be other winners and all in all you simply lose. Still, it is up to you to decide.