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Winning 100 millions dollars in online lottery: pros and cons

As a saying goes money will never burn a hole in your pocket. Surely, if you win a big sum in online lottery your life will change and not always for good. The won money may be used to strengthen your financial standing as well as to back your relatives financially. And what is a reverse side of the coin?

There are numerous stories about the jackpot winners who were pestered by the scarcely known people trying to make friends just because of money as well as by the old friends appearing out of nowhere and asking for financial support. Winning 100 million dollars in the online lottery may be very stressful and sometimes it is better to win 100 times less.

A real friendship

First of all, you may lose your old friends as all they talk with you about would be your lottery winning. They may just forget about your old days in the college, about all those funny stories and even sharing one burger. They may just expect financial help from you; your relations may chance dramatically.

Secondly, you may at once see hordes of new acquaintances trying to bite a piece of the pie. A guy from your school times with whom you have had no conversations for 10 or more years may call you to congratulate you on this occasion. This can also go about the son of your father's aunt’s cousin's you have not seen once in your entire life. They will call to allegedly to congratulate you, but indeed to remind of themselves expecting just to get some money.

And when it was a million dollars winning, there might be someone in 5 years to ask “Hey, was not that you who had lucky of winning 100 million dollars?” Everyone will understand that the money will be enough just to buy a new flat, to go abroad, or open a small business. No one will expect you to flash the cash.

The more you have cash the more you flash

Probably everyone says to himself: “if I am lucky to win the pot I will be savvy in spending them not just like those “spending like drunken sailors”; my relatives are not self-interested at all they will not chase my money!” This is all good. 1 million dollars is surely not bad still it is far from 100 million dollars. It has to be spent wisely. The first thing you should think of when winning 1 million dollars is “finally I can settle everything with my creditors” instead of “why not buy a Lamborghini”.  

You may forget about the plain life

After winning 100 million dollars in online lottery your life will turn upside down. It will all no longer be beer and skittles with friends. Just forget about it. Do you not believe that? Be sure, you will see that as soon as you are tired of switching conversation subject from money to something else. 

Just in several days, an ordinary guy will become a local celebrity. You may consider this cool, then try just to discussed it with some already famous. They will more likely say they are tired of the burden as it is very hard for them to discuss common issues with ordinary people. Most of us may think it is ridiculous to look for drawbacks in winning 100 million dollars in the online lottery. Still, we remain of the same opinion: friendship is above money, isn't it?