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why we play lotto

Why We Play the Lottery - 6 Reasons

Lottery is one of the popular entartainments today. The article describes the most common reasons why we play lottery.


Mega Millions jackpot record

Mega Millions jackpot record – Check winning Mega Millions numbers

The largest Mega Millions Jackpot prize 2018 was won in South California. Unfortunately the winner can't be announced due to some regulations of the state. It is considered to be the second largest jackpot after the one that was launched by Powerball in 2016.


TheLotter winners

TheLotter winners – MegaMillions winner from Ukraine

Double congratulations to Nataliia: Ukrainian woman wins $1 million Mega Millions prize a week before her BD!


TheLotter winners

TheLotter winners – Panamanian woman joins Florida Lotto winners list

A woman of retirement age may finally leave her job and get rid of worries about the wellbeing of her family. No wonder – she is the winner of $30 mln jackpot, after all! Want to hear her story?


euromillions superdraw 2017

EuroMillions Superdraw 2017 – Next EuroMillions Superdraw

Finally! The long-awaited EuroMillions Superdraw is going to take place this September, on Friday 15th! Are you ready to join the straggle for the €130 million jackpot?


LottoSend Winners

LottoSend winners – English couple became LottoSend winners

Luck made a Christmas present for the English couple lucky to scoop over $20,000 in MegaMillions & Powerball group game at LottoSend.


what to do after winning the lottery

What to do after winning the lottery – Tips for the jackpot winners

At first most jackpot winners are shocked and do not know what to do after winning the lottery. Check out some handy tips below on how to get the winning and use it smart.


TheLotter winner in Austria lotto

Russian listed as one of TheLotter winners hit Lotto Austria jackpot

Lotto Austria draw as of 24 February 2016 turned out to be lucky for the Russian player from Moscow who became one of the major TheLotter winners. Check out his account on hitting the jackpot. Who are the other big TheLotter winners?


international lottery online

International lottery online – Winning big jackpots in online lottery

Over the span of the last 20 years the lottery industry changed much on the wave of globalization. Internet technologies opened the new horizons for the lottery players worldwide. What are the new challenges and opportunities?


Powerball jackpot

The Smith family Powerball winners - $429 mln Powerball jackpot

The Smiths from Trenton New Jersey have a good reason to celebrate. The family was extremely lucky to scoop a huge jackpot in one of the most popular American lotteries Powerball now rightfully pretending to the title of America's luckiest family. Read the story to find out more.


lottery syndicate

Lottery syndicate - The luckiest lottery syndicates in the world ever

It is a common knowledge that the lottery winning chances are no that big. Still, the winning probability can be hiked via playing more different combinations in one draw. Check out several stories about the world's luckiest lottery syndicates.


unclaimed Powerball jackpot

Unclaimed Powerball jackpot - Unclaimed Powerball ticket

USA PowerBall lottery representatives from the State of New Jersey are are still waiting for the holder of the unclaimed Powerball ticket which was lucky to scoop the $429.6 million jackpot last Saturday on 7 May 2016.


unluckiest lottery winners

Unlucky lottery winners stories – The unluckiest lottery winners

What can be better than to have luck to win the lottery big? Still the heroes of our story are rather unlucky lottery winners than the lucky ones. Check out the few most unlucky lottery winners stories.


lottery winners

Unbelievable lottery winners stories – The luckiest lottery winners

Lottery is one of the most popular gambling games. Over the span of the lottery history there were numerous interesting developments and amusing cases. We offer you several most unbelievable lottery winners stories.


women gambling passion

Women's gambling passion - Great and famous women gamblers

Risk, passion and thrilling emotions as much as gambling and online lottery are things first of all believed to be a legacy of a strong sex. But if fact many women are also taking a great interest in gambling and online lottery in particular. Some of them are recognized as legendary women gamblers.


claiming lottery winning

Claiming lottery winning – Uncovering scam online lottery website

You had luck to win the lottery online. So you are going to claim the won money but the online lottery agent does not respond. Calm down and don't panic! It is not always a solid to reason to think you were scammed. Still be vigilant to avoid the scam traps.


lucky lottery numbers

Lucky lottery numbers - The secret power of the lucky lottery numbers

Decided to try luck in lottery but are not sure what numbers to choose and what numbers to discard? Check out the secret power of the lucky lottery numbers. Perhaps 13 is your lucky one and it can change your life forever.


online lottery scams

Online lottery scams – How to bust scam lottery emails?

Currently the online lottery scams do not have to step over your threshold to cheat on you. Taking advantage of the Internet development they send the fake lottery winning notifications to wangle the money. Check out the scam lottery emails busting tips.


spending lottery winnings

Winning the lottery jackpot - How to spend lottery winnings wise?

Have you ever dreamed of winning the huge lottery jackpot? Do you realize the life changes it entails? The millionaire's life with all its rules and threats is not an issue of the common knowledge. Read the story to find out how to spend the lottery winnings wise.


woman wins lottery

A woman wins lottery - Lottery jackpot winner

It is always a breaking news when someone wins a huge lottery jackpot. Still it is even more interesting and just when it is won by the mother bringing up several children. Check out how the mothers of large families became the lottery winners.


powerball winner

US Powerball winner from Canada claims $1 mln via Thelotter

The online lottery agent TheLotter reported its second US Powerball winner over the span of a month. The lucky player from Quebec, Canada was lucky to win the lottery's second prize of $1 mln. What were the Powerball winning numbers this time? Read to find it out.


picking lottery numbers

Winning lottery numbers - Choosing the winning lottery numbers

Is winning lottery jackpot just to one's luck or is there a sure way to pick the lottery winning numbers? Neither is quite true. Check out some interesting approaches to hike you chances to match the winning lottery numbers.


oldest lottery winners

World's oldest lottery winners – Four oldest lottery winners stories

It is not a secret that some old people are very lucky. There is always a chance to win big in the lottery no matter how old you are. Check out the stories of the world's oldest lottery winners ever.


super lotto plus jackpot

$63 mln California Super Lotto Plus jackpot unclaimed

The owner of the huge $63 mln California Super Lotto Plus jackpot winning ticket did not show up in this way making it the largest unclaimed jackpot in California. The unclaimed money will be invested in Californian schools so that every school child becomes a lottery winner.


Euromillions jackpot

EuroMillions jackpot won – EuroMillions winner to get half of €132 mln

One of the biggest EuroMillions jackpots of €132 mln was won. The prize will be split between the two lucky winners from France and Ireland. Read the full story to find out the jackpot winning numbers and learn more about the major EuroMillions jackpots ever won.


National Lottery winner

National Lottery winner claims washing the winning UK lotto ticket

The 47-years-old Susanne Hinte spoiled the winning UK Lotto ticket in the washer. She hasn't yet received a penny as the ticket bar code is no longer legible. Still she waits for Camelot investigation results and hopes to be recognized as the official National Lottery winner.


UK lotto winners

UK Lotto winners showed up – £66 mln record UK Lotto jackpot split

The first UK Lotto jackpot winning ticket was purchased by the married couple, David and Carol Martin. They will split the £66 mln winning with the second winner who is still to claim the won money.


powerball winner

USA Powerball winner - $1 mln US Powerball prize won at TheLotter

Do you happen to know that the historic Powerball jackpot of $1.5 bn was split between the 3 tickets bought in the USA? Interestingly enough the second Powerball prize of $1 mln was won online at TheLotter and would go to El Salvador. Read more here.


powerball jackpot

Powerball jackpot set the record – $1.5 bn Powerball jackpot scooped

US Powerball jackpot growing to the astonishing $1.5 bn had literally created the lottery madness with millions of players buying tickets for the latest Powerball draw. How many players will split the jackpot and what were the Powerball jackpot winning numbers?


record uk lotto jackpot

UK Lotto jackpot hit the record – £66 mln UK Lotto jackpot won

The record-breaking UK Lotto jackpot of £66 mln is claimed by the two lucky players even though the capped value accounts for £50 mln (in line with the latest amendments taking effect on 10 October 2015). How is that possible? Read the story to find it out.


lottery scams

Lottery scams – Common online lottery frauds and scam emails

No matter whether you play lotto online or over-the-counter you have surely heard of the lottery scams trying to deceive the trustful players and get hold of their money or personal data. Do not get hooked, check out the most common scam tricks.


TheLotter jackpot winner

TheLotter jackpot winner from Iraq claimed Oregon Megabucks jackpot

There are numerous skeptics stating that winning the lottery especially the one played online is impossible no matter what service you use. And you know what, TheLotter once again busted the myth. The lucky player from Iraq played and won Oregon Megabucks at TheLotter as well as successfully claimed the prize in the USA. Also check out the full Thelotter review.


lottery syndicate trust

Increasing lottery syndicate trust – Starting a lucky lotto syndicate

Do you happen to know that the lottery syndicates are reported to claim most of the won jackpots? Check out some tips on increasing trust in your lottery syndicate, drafting the effective participation agreement and team-building.


lottery luck

Regaining lottery luck – Tips on winning the lottery

Have you been playing for months or even years and eventually lost confidence in your lottery winning luck? Do not surrender. Check out some handy tips which will help you to regain confidence in your luck and win the big lottery money.


beat lottery winning odds

Beat lottery winning odds - Buying all the lottery tickets for a draw

Have you ever thought of the way to beat the lottery winning odds and win the jackpot guaranteed? Is it accomplishable to buy up all the lottery tickets for one draw and in this way to hit the pot? That got you guessing, then check this story to find it out.


lottery myths

Popular lottery myths – Find out what lottery story you believed in

Surely enough you have heard numerous amazing stories about various lotteries both from the proponents and opponents, or speaking simpler, from lotto fans and skeptics. Check out the most popular lottery stories and find out whether they are myth or reality.


women are luckier lottery players

Reasons why women tend to be luckier in winning lottery than men?

Are women really luckier lottery players than men? That is a really hot-burning question for the lottery fans. We have studied the issue and made our conclusion. Read the full story to find out why women tend to be luckier in winning lottery than men.


winning lottery numbers

Winning lottery numbers - Defining the winning lottery combinations

Playing lottery is not just relying on one's luck as most use to say. Many players work out and successfully use lotto numbers selection methods. Apart from the commonly known hot and cold numbers statistics there are other efficient techniques.


lottery spells

Lottery winning spells – Myth or reality

If you are a devoted lottery player then more likely you came across the websites offering lottery spells which as they claim do work. If you have any doubts then read the story below. Remember blind faith is dangerous. Never buy into those tricks not to be deceived into parting with your money.


lottery disputes

Lottery disputes – Disputes between the lottery syndicate winners

Lottery winning is not always joy and happiness. Sometimes it makes a bad blow between the people winning huge money. Please find below several most notorious lottery disputes between the lottery syndicates members hitting the astonishing jackpots and ending up in the court adjudging the money.


lottery strategy

Lottery strategies - Efficient lottery strategies overview

Lottery can be really a life-changing entertainment both for the better and for the worse. Some players rely solely on luck; others are sure that winning the lotto requires following a specific strategy and having certain skills.


winning lottery online

Winning lottery online - 3 tips to hike lottery winning chances

Winning lottery online troubles you day by day and you can hardly get rid of the thought? Then more probably you do something wrong or pin your hopes to high. Interestingly enough, there are ways to tackle the issue.


online lottery scams

Online lottery scams - 7 ways to track down online lottery scams

Have you ever heard of the online lottery scams? If no, then find some handy tips to expose and even track down the villains. If yes, then hopefully you were watchful enough not to buy into their tricks and not to be deceived into parting with your money or personal data.


win money in online lottery

Winning 100 million dollars in online lottery: pros and cons

Winning 100 million dollars in online lottery is for good most would say. Still there can be a reverse side of the coin other would argue. On the one hand, it can improve your life, on the other hand, it can spoil or ruin it completely.