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Loteria del Nino results 2021 and general overview 

Are you ready for the upcoming year? Spanish National Lottery has prepared some presents! One of them is Loteria del Nino, an annual raffle that offers one of the world’s biggest prize pools – €700 million, while the chance of winning the top prize is 1 in 100,000! After the Spanish Christmas Lottery that is held on December 22, this is Spain’s largest lottery that takes place on January 6, just a week after the New Year’s Eve! The overall chances of getting one more New Year’s prize are 1 in 3, while the amount of winning combinations every ticket has is as large as 37,000! Don’t forget to check Loteria del Nino results 2021!

Want to know more? Here below you will find a short review, as well as the latest Loteria del Nino winning numbers:

Prize Winning numbers
1 57342
2 21816
3 26706
 +1 larger or -1 smaller than 1st prize  57341, 57343
 +1 larger or -1 smaller than 2nd prize  21815, 21817
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Country Spain
Numbers to Guess 5 from 00000-99999
Additional Numbers No Add. Numbers
Jackpot Winning Chances 1 in 100 000
Next Jackpot 229353
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Loteria del Nino history

You will probably find it amusing that El Nino means “the child” in Spanish. The lottery is named after “Dia de los reyes”, or the day when the Three Kings came to present gifts to the baby Jesus (“el nino”). The first raffle took place in 1941, while in 1966 El Nino became an official part of Loteria Nacional. Just for your interest, Loteria Nacional hosts two other popular Spanish raffles, particularly La Primitiva and El Gordo.

As the lottery began, its draws were held on January 5. Since 2000, however, they are taking place on January 6. In case you were wondering, the first ever draw of El Nino consisted of four sets of 42,000 tickets, each ticket divided into 10 shares. The price per share was 15 pesetas. The first prize, Gordo, was 500,000 pesetas (for a series of four). That year, the lottery sold an impressive total of 166,668 tickets, which was 93% of all the tickets available! The following year, in 1942, the number of tickets changed to 56,000, while the price grew to 25 pesetas. 
Now, the price for tickets changes from year to year too, just like the distribution. The following years might bring even greater winning odds and prizes, so don’t miss the news!

Loteria del Nino prizes

El Nino is operated by the Loteria Nacional and supported by Spanish government. It offers 50 jackpot prizes, each amounting to €2 million for a whole ticket. Yes, the system of prize division indeed differs from those applied by most other lotteries. A great thing is that the prize pool increases from year to year. In 2017, the prize pool was €630 million. In 2018, we remind, it is €700 million. 

Loteria del Nino results 2021 and statistics

An unusual fact about Loteria del Nino winning numbers is that those of Gordo, the top prize, have ended with the digit zero for as many as 20 times! Interesting statistics, isn’t it? Two other most popular Gordo’s digits are seven and nine. There is also the least popular digit to end the code of the top prize, particularly three. Finally, an amusing fact is that the number 20 has appeared at the end of Gordo for six times! It’s quite curious what other number patterns we might find as soon as we check Loteria del Nino results 2021!

Buy Loteria del Nino tickets

As mentioned above, there are 100,000 tickets, each printed with a code between 00000 and 99999 on it. Each ticket has 50 copies and is divided into 10 shares. Players can purchase either an entire ticket or individual shares. In case they win, the amount of their prize will depend on how many shares of a winning ticket they own. Here is this year’s formula:

100,000 tickets * 50 copies * 10 shares = 50 million shares

Similar to previous raffles, every ticket contains 16 prize categories, as well as 37,920 possible combinations of Loteria del Nino winning numbers. In other words, even a 10th part of a ticket gives you a chance to win a share of the €700 million pie!

Winning Loteria del Nino

The first prize of El Nino is known as “Gordo”. It amounts to €2 million for a full ticket or €200,000 for an individual share. The second prize is €750,000 for a full ticket or €75,000 for a share. As for the third prize, the payout per share is €25,000.

Here below you can find more details on the combinations of Loteria del Nino winning numbers:


Prize category  Number of winners   Prize per share 
1 1 € 200,000
2 1 € 75,000
3 1 € 25,000
 Same last 4 digits as the drawn number 20 € 350
 Same last 3 digits as the drawn number 1,400 € 100
 Same last 2 digits as the drawn number 5,000 € 40
 +1 larger or -1 smaller than the 1st prize 2 € 1,200
 +1 larger or -1 smaller than the 2nd prize 2 € 610
 Same first 3 digits as the 1st prize 99 € 100
 Same first 3 digits as the 2nd prize 99 € 100
 Same first 3 digits as the 3rd prize 99 € 100
 Same last 3 digits as the 1st prize 99 € 100
 Same last 2 digits as the 1st prize  999 € 20
 Same last digit as the 1st prize 9,999 € 20
 Reintegro (A number drawn separately, matching the last digit of the code)  10,000 € 20


Loteria del Nino winners

Like any other popular lottery, El Nino is surrounded by countless superstitions and bizarre beliefs. Some of them touch the fact that the Gordo, the raffle’s first prize, was most often won in Madrid and Barcelona, Spain’s two largest cities. To be more precise, they’ve had 41 and 40 wins respectively. Another big city, Valencia, has had 18 wins, while Vizcaya and Sevilla have had 12 wins each. Let’s wait and see what Loteria del Nino results 2021 will bring!

To conclude

In such a way, El Nino gives you the 1 in 3 chance to get one more New Year present. After all, there are 37,000 winning combinations on every ticket. Still hesitating whether to buy Loteria del Nino tickets? Hurry up, the number of tickets on sale is limited. There are only 100,000 of them, so don’t lose a chance to get yours!