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Is the online site Irish National Lottery scam or legit? The site works with 9 national lotteries: Lotto, LottoPlus, Euro Millions, Daily Million, Lotto 5-4-3-2-1, Telly Bingo, EuroMillions Plus, Daily Million Plus and Scratch Cards. Here you can also get the latest lottery industry news and find out about the large prize winners and other useful facts. All the offered lottery games are available only for those aged 18 and over.


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Irish National Lottery review: General Info

Surely enough before registering and starting playing every lottery player would ask: Isn't Irish National Lottery scam? Are there Irish National Lottery complaints concerning frauds or any other malpractices? In this way Irish National Lottery review will be rather handy.

So isn't the site of Irish National Lottery scam? Premier Lotteries Ireland, the site operator, is the new owner of Irish National Lottery. This company together with the former owners An Post National Lottery Company (CEO Dermot Griffin; renamed into Premier Lotteries Ireland or PLI) has been for 50 years already proving its reputation of the professional and reliable team of lottery experts. We have detected no Irish National Lottery complaints or players' complaints about scam and other frauds. Still the online crooks can take advantage of the reputable brand name to scam players so be vigilant.

Irish National Lottery review: How does it work?


It is a traditional lotto requiring players to choose 6 numbers from the guess range of 1 to 45 as well as 1 additional number. The minimal amount of entries in this lotto is 2 priced €3. Player may opt to add more entry lines, each will be priced €1.5. The lottery's minimal first prize is set at €2 mln and is rolled over every time when there is no winner. The draws are held weekly on Wednesday and Friday at 8 p.m. local time (UTC +1) and are broadcasted on RTÉ channel.


LottoPlus is an additional game priced €0.5 per line. Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 jackpots account respectively for €350,000 and €250,000. The draws are held every week on Wednesday and Friday at 8 p.m. local time (UTC +1). After choosing your numbers for Lotto you can choose numbers for Lotto Plus in the upper right corner.


EuroMillions is a major lotto game played by a number of European countries and lottery fans from abroad. Playing EuroMillions requires choosing 5 main balls in the guess range from 1 to 50 as well as a bonus number the so-called Lucky Stars from 1 to 11. The minimal amount of entry lines is 1 priced €2. The minimal jackpot is set at €15 mln and is rolled over every time there is no winner. The raffles are held weekly on Tuesday and Friday; the results are also available at Irish

Euro Millions Plus (for Ireland only)

Euro Millions+ is an Irish add-on for Euro Millions which requires choosing 5 balls and offering €500,000 super-prize. Priced €1 per line, it is drawn weekly on Tuesday and Friday.

Daily Million

DailyMillion is a standard-type lottery which requires choosing 6 balls from the guess range of 1 to 39 as well as 1 bonus number. The most curious thing about this lotto is that it is drawn daily. Spending just €1 per entry line you can try luck every day to win DailyMillion jackpot of €1,000,000.

DailyMillion Plus

Price just 50 cents per line DailyMillion+ is an add-on to DailyMillion lottery with a top prize set at €500,000.

Lotto 5-4-3-2-1

Lotto5-4-3-2-1 is based on the results of Lotto, LottoPlus 1 and LottoPlus 2. You may decide on the quantity of balls to be played: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. Each ticket has 4 blocks: A, B, C, D. Blocks А and В are used to check off only the 6 main numbers for Lotto, Lotto Plus1 and Lotto Plus2 (without choosing the additional number). In block C and D players choose 6 main numbers and the 7th additional number for Lotto, Lotto Plus1 and Lotto Plus2. The main prizes for the 6-number and 7-number games account respectively for €100,000 and €25,000.

Irish National Lottery review: Syndicates

You may try luck in the lottery syndicate to hike your chances to win. Playing in the lottery pool is easy: you may team up with your family members, friends in the sport club, for example, or colleagues during the lunch break. Syndicates are reported to account for most of the jackpots won. The largest Ireland's jackpot of €18,963,441 was won by a syndicate of 16 colleagues from Carlow. Lotto's largest pot was split between 291 players in August 2004 getting €205,520 each. So do not miss your chance to become one of the lottery syndicate winners.

Irish National Lottery review: Draw results

To find out the latest lottery result, jackpot size and the upcoming draw date go the corresponding tab in the upper menu. We have not found no complaints about the updates delays.

Irish National Lottery review: Claiming prizes

Are there any complaints about the payments? In case of winning online you will have to submit a prize claim form within 90 days from the draw date. The prizes of up to €100 can be claimed at any Lotto retail outlet; still they may optionally pay out the prizes of up to €2,500. The prizes of up to € 15,000 can be claimed at the special prize payment centers (the addresses are listed at the site), while the larger sums can be received here: Abbey Street Lower, Dublin 1.

Irish National Lottery review: Special offers/bonuses

The site has no special offers or bonuses.

Summing up

The review about was aimed to assess the provided online lottery services which is expected to help players make a decision in favor or against this site answering such questions as: Are there Irish National Lottery complaints concerning any malpractices? Isn't Irish National Lottery scam? It is an official web site of the Irish National Lottery featuring such lotto games as Lotto, EuroMillions, LottoPlus, Daily Million, Lotto 5-4-3-2-1, Telly Bingo, EuroMillions Plus, DailyMillion Plus and Scratch Cards. It represents the official Irish lottery operator so it can hardly be a scam. At Irish you can find out info about the offered lotteries as well as the time left for the draws, the latest results and the global lottery industry news. Still you will have to be in Ireland to claim your lottery prize. Here you may also play in the lottery syndicate to hike your winning chances. No Irish National Lottery complaints were detected. The site seems legit and reliable.


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