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Hoosier Lotto was founded in 1994 to raise finances for the numerous charity foundations in Indiana (USA). Holding only 2 draws a week, the lotto became highly popular due to the jackpot rolling over every time there was no lucky one to match Hoosier Lottery winning numbers. The winning odds are fairly high as you have to choose only 6 numbers from 1 to 48 in contrast to the more widespread 6/49 matrix. In other words, winning this lottery is much easier.

Country USA
Numbers to Guess 6 from 48
Additional Numbers No Add. Numbers
Jackpot Winning Chances 1 in 12271512
Next Jackpot 3000000
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The game has already delivered 115 jackpots since its start-up which is over 1 billion dollars in payouts. On average, players claim about 24,000 of cash prizes and over 165,000 free tickets weekly. Tickets can be purchased at retail outlets in the USA for $1 per entry or online. 
Hoosier Lotto minimal jackpot is set at $1 mln and can possibly reach $54 mln. The prize pool accounts for 53.2% of the overall ticket sales revenues. There are totally 5 prize categories in this lotto so that there is always a chance to win some cash. Please find below a detailed Hoosier lottery overview as well as information on the latest Hoosier Lottery winning numbers. 

Hoosier lottery overview: How does it work? 

Playing the game is easy. Choose 6 Hoosier Lottery numbers from the guess range between 1 and 48. You can either select the numbers yourself or get them randomly generated by computer using the “Quick Pick” option. After playing the game, wait for the Hoosier Lottery results update to find out whether you had any luck.  
Winning the jackpot requires matching all the 6 Hoosier Lottery numbers drawn. Apart from the grand prize, the game features 4 additional prize categories which require matching 5, 4, 3 or 2 Hoosier Lottery winning numbers respectively. The size of cash prizes directly depends on the ticket sales revenues and the number of winners in the given category. Those matching only 2 Hoosier Lottery winning numbers get a free ticket for the future draw. Remember, the more tickets you buy, the higher your chances to win are. 
If you play online, the lottery agent has to send you the purchase confirmation email. The original ticket will be bought by the agent's local representative and, as a rule, will be sent as an e-copy. The original ticket will be safe-kept by the agent. 

Hoosier lottery overview: Playing the game

Hoosier Lotto is available for anyone aged 18 and over. The ticket sales are closed 5 hours before the draw starts. Sales closing countdown is available at the lottery agents' sites. It is recommended to buy tickets beforehand in order not to miss the draw. 
Ticket price may vary depending on the agents you choose and generally include the services fees. Sometimes agents may charge winning royalties. 

Hoosier Lottery results 

What is the best way to keep up with Hoosier Lottery results? Hoosier Lottery results are available 2 times a week after the draws held on Wednesday and Saturday at 10.50 p.m. local time. 
Besides, you can check Hoosier Lottery results at any retail outlet in the USA or find them out through local media (TV, newspapers, radio). Still, it is much convenient to check Hoosier Lottery results online at the official site or at LocaLotto where you will also find winning numbers of other popular lotteries.  
If you play online, the lottery agent, as a rule, will notify you about Hoosier Lottery results via an email shortly after the draw. They can also call you by phone to break the happy news of winning the jackpot. 

Hoosier lottery overview: Winning odds

Hoosier Lotto jackpot winning odds are estimated as 1 to 12,271,512, which is higher comparing to many other lotteries drawn 2 times a week and featuring 5 prize categories. Please find below the winning odds breakdown depending on the matched Hoosier Lottery numbers. 


Prize category

Matched Hoosier Lottery numbers

Winning chance, %

Winning odds




1 : 12,271,512




1 : 48,696




1 : 950




1 : 53




1 : 7

Hoosier lottery overview: Record jackpots

Hoosier Lotto’s minimal jackpot is set at $1 mln. Still, if there is no one to match all the winning numbers, it rolls over to the next draw every time adding $500,000. In other words, there always is some player who may become a multi-millionaire. 

Hoosier lottery overview: Claiming prizes

The prizes over $600 won online will be automatically credited to the player’s personal account. The bigger cash prizes are to be claimed personally. On the one hand, the lottery agent can send the money using the previously discussed payment method. On the other hand, the player claims money personally from the lottery operator. 
The prizes are to be claimed within 180 days from the draw date. You will have 60 days to decide on the way you are going to claim the won jackpot: 
- the lump sum: you will get money as a single payment, still only a half of the sum;
- annuity: you will get money in 30 annual payments, still the whole sum in this case. 
Check Hoosier Lottery results online and good luck!