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Is Health Lottery legal or scam website? Naturally enough, before trying luck online every lottery player would like to be sure that the online resource where he is going to spend his money is trustworthy and legal. That is what Health Lottery review is aimed for. The website offers over 50 social lotteries, each operated by the regional authorities across the country. If you already know this agent well you can at once proceed to the review summary.


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Health Lottery review: General Info

So what backs Health Lottery legal standing? Each provided game is licensed by the National Gambling Committee and is destined for charity. To avoid ambiguity it is worth mentioning that Health Lottery UK and UK National Lottery are two different organizations.

The website features 2 draw-type £1 and 50p Quick Pick games (Health Lottery prize breakdown for the 2 games is different) as well as numerous instant lotto games. The instant lotteries' results are available immediately after the ticket is purchased. The instants list: Duck Shoot, On Your Bike, Hearts in a Spin Green, Wheels of Steel, Shear Luck and other. Please find below Health Lottery prize breakdown for the offered £1 and 50p lotteries.

Aren't there any Health Lottery scam or fraud related complaints? There are no Health Lottery scam mailings or other related complaints detected. looks reliable and safe. Health Lottery legal status online backed is by Google Safe Browsing, Norton Safe Web. Find below the prize breakdown.

Health Lottery prize breakdown and winning combinations for £1 lotto (MN - main numbers, BB - bonus ball)

5 MN

Up to £100,000*

4 MN and BB


4 MN


3 MN and BB


3 MN


2 MN and BB


* The jackpot size will not exceed 10% of the total tickets sales and is capped at 100,000.

Health Lottery prize breakdown and winning combinations for 50p Quick Pick lotto

5 numbers


4 numbers


3 numbers


2 numbers


How does it work?

Every week Health Lottery UK carries out the draws for 1 or more lotteries allocating the generated funds into the health protection. It supports programs aimed at elderly people aid, fighting suicidal dementia, investment in heart diseases and cancer risk mitigating preparations.

Buying tickets

The tickets can be purchased both directly at the website and over the counter at the retail outlets in Great Britain. To buy the tickets online players will have first to complete the registration and open an account in any of the local banks. Health Lottery UK games are available for the British citizens only.

Health Lottery review: Syndicate

The resource offers a syndicate game-play option. To play lotteries in syndicate/pool you will have to team up with the single-minded players (relatives, friends or colleagues), buy the required number of entry lines, choose the number of draws to be played and wait for the results. The more people enter the syndicate the more tickets it can buy in this way increasing the chances for winning considerably.

The pool members will have to appoint a reliable and faithful cash-keeper who will be responsible for collecting money for tickets, purchasing tickets, checking results and splitting the winnings between the pool members. It is also highly recommended to draft a lottery pool agreement to protect each member's rights and eliminate the possibility of money pocketing.

Health Lottery review: Draw results

To find out the results click “Results” button in the upper menu and choose the lottery you need to get the last and several previous draw results displayed.

Health Lottery review: Claiming prizes

See the prize breakdown to find how much you were lucky to win. The prizes up to £250 will be automatically credited to the winners' accounts. To claim the prizes over £250 contact the agent (0844 375 55 55) who will explain the procedure. All the prizes are to be claimed within 180 days from the draw date.

Special offers / bonuses

In case you choose the direct debit option in your account settings (the money will be automatically charged as scheduled) you will get your first 2 weeks of play paid by HealthLottery. To find out the details go to the “Promotions” page.

Review summary

Please find below the review summary which bottom-lines the overview above aimed to assess the offered services and help players to find out whether Health Lottery legal or whether Health Lottery scam lottery website.

It is an online lottery site available only for the British citizens aged 16 and over. It allocates certain share of the generated funds for the charity initiatives helping the disabled or elderly people, for instance.

Health Lottery UK offers 2 draw-type lotteries: £1 and 50p Quick Pick. Other listed lotteries are the so-called instants: Duck Shoot, On Your Bike, Hearts in a Spin Green, Wheels of Steel, Shear Luck and other. offers a pool game-play option to team up with other players in this way increasing the chances to win. Setting up a Direct Debit subscription you will get the first 2 weeks of play paid by HealthLottery. We have not detected Health Lottery scam mailing or other related complaints. The website creates an image of the reliable and safe resource. We expect that our review will be of use for you.


  1. charity initiatives
  2. relatively low pricing