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The latest winning Greece Lotto numbers online. Greece Lotto (or ΛΟΤΤΟ in Greek) was introduced by OPAP company yet back in 1990 with the first draw held on 5 December of that year. Since the startup in 1990 till 2009 the rules had been unchanged until OPAP renewed the brand and introduced several new prize categories. It is a traditional jackpot-style and one of the most popular lotto games in Greece run by OPAP (Greece national lottery operator). Every time there is no jackpot winner in the draw, the grand prize is rolled over to the next draw until it is finally claimed. The Lotto sets no limits as for the size of jackpot which surely backs its popularity in Greece and worldwide. Starting from 26 January 2009 it has been offering players 5 prize categories in total. Hitting the jackpot requires matching the 6 main winning Greece Lotto numbers drawn out of 49 possible.

Latest Greek Lotto results, January 19 2022 (2 days ago):

03 06 07 26 35 37 31

Greek Lotto results, January 15 2022 (6 days ago):

04 16 30 37 39 45 44
Country Greece
Numbers to Guess 6 from 49
Additional Numbers 1 from 43
remaining numbers
not accountable for jackpot
Jackpot Winning Chances 1 in 13 983 816
Next Jackpot 364049.7
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The 2nd prize (€50,000) winning combination includes 5 main Greece Lotto numbers and the recently introduced bonus number. Winning the 3rd and the 4th prizes requires matching respectively 5 and 4 main Greece Lotto numbers. To win anything players will have to match at least 3 main winning Greece Lotto numbers.

The latest Greece Lotto results are available after the draws held two times a week on Wednesday and Saturday at 9 p.m. local time (UTC +3). Please find below the detailed review of Greece Lotto to see it is worth trying your luck. Play and check Greece Lotto results online.

How does it work?

The Lotto uses a single matrix of 6/49. It means that players will have to choose 6 Greece Lotto numbers from the guess range of 1 to 49. After that, the raffle drum draws the so-called bonus number out of the 43 remaining. This bonus number is accountable just for the second prize (€50,000).

In this way, the winning combination includes 6 main Greece Lotto numbers and 1 bonus number and if fully matched it delivers the jackpot prize. Apart from the jackpot, Greece Lotto offers 4 secondary prize categories that are thousands of cash prizes offered 2 times a week.

If you are busy or just do not want to bother choosing Greece Lotto numbers yourself then you may opt to use an automatic numbers generation. It is similar to the Lucky Dip feature in UK National Lottery and EuroMillions or the so-called Quick Pick feature used in most American lotto games. Playing the game is easy: choose the lottery numbers yourself or get them quick-picked to save your trouble and time using a random number generator.

Playing Greece Lotto

Until quite recently it was available only for the Greeks or tourists visiting this country. The tickets were available for sale only in retail outlets over the counter so that you would have to go to Greece to play this lotto game which would make the lottery ticket rather expensive accounting the traveling costs. Fortunately today you do not even have to leave your house or working place to play this lottery. All you have to do to try luck in Greece Lotto is to go online and visit our web page. Choose the agent you like, select the numbers and wait for the latest Greece Lotto results. And what is more important you may play any popular foreign lottery from any part of the globe.

Age is the only restriction for players. Greece Lotto is available only for those aged 18 or older. In the case of winning, you will have to present your ID to prove your age and get the prize.

Latest Greece Lotto Results

What is the best way to keep up with Greece Lotto results?

The latest Greece Lotto results are available after the draws are held by OPAP on Wednesday and Saturday at 9.00 p.m. There are several ways to check Greece Lotto results.

You may watch Greece Lotto draw broadcasted live on Greek STAR TV channel. The results will also be available at the lottery's operator official web page soon after the draw.

Besides you may as well go online and visit our web page to find out the latest Greece Lotto results as well as those for the other popular lotteries from around the world. Importantly enough, this information is available around the clock any day of the week.

Winning odds

Find below the winning odds breakdown depending on the matched winning Greece lotto numbers.


Prize category


Winning chance, %

Winning odds



0.000007 %

1 : 13,983,816


5 + bonus number

0.00004 %

1 : 2,330,636



0.002 %

1 : 55,491



0.09 %

1 : 1,083



1.64 %

1 : 61


Greece Lotto winning odds are very competitive compared to many other popular lotto games around the globe. This lottery offers 5 prize categories depending on the matched combination of lottery winning numbers. In other words, these are thousands of cash prizes raffled every week on Wednesday and Saturday.

The chances to win Greece Lotto jackpot matching the 6 main lottery numbers are estimated as 1 in 13,983,816.

To win the 2nd or the 3rd prize you will have to match respectively the 5 main numbers + bonus number and 4 main numbers. The win rates, in this case, are correspondingly 1 in 2,330,636 and 1 in 55,491.

Obviously enough the win rates increase further for every lower prize category. To win anything in Greece lotto you will have to match at least 3 main numbers and the bonus number. The chances to do that are rather high and are estimated as 1 in 53.

Record jackpots

Greece Lotto ever largest jackpot of €7.5 mln was won on 20 January 2010. The lucky ticket was purchased in the northern Greece in the city of Edessa. The winning numbers then were 24, 28, 4, 7, 17, 37.

The lottery's 2nd biggest grand prize of €7 mln was reported on 1 January 2011. The winning numbers then were 18, 24, 8, 16, 36, 44.

Greece Lotto 3rd largest jackpot reached €5.5 mln and was claimed by the single ticket on 9 July 2011. The lotto winning balls then were 4, 42, 43, 24, 31, 44. Take a chance to become millionaire play and check Greece Lotto results online.

Claiming prizes

In case you were lucky to hit the Greece Lotto jackpot or win one of the secondary prizes while staying in Greece then you will get the money as a one-time cash payment.

Greece Lotto prizes are to be claimed within 3 months from the draw date. Otherwise, they will be declared canceled.

If you were lucky to win the lottery online you do not have to worry about the mentioned issues. The online lottery service will handle everything so that you will get the money credited to your account. You will never miss anything playing and checking Greece Lotto results online.