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Florida Lotto Results

Winning Florida Lotto Numbers. Florida Lotto (FL Lotto) history starts in November 1986 with the adoption of US constitution amendment allowing Florida State Administration to start up a lottery game in order to raise additional educational financing. The 1st draw took place two years later in 1988. In contrast to other American multi-state lotteries, this lottery is confined to the State of Florida only. Still owing to the online lottery ticket sales the lottery can be accessed by the players from any part of America and the whole globe. So do not miss your chance to become another lottery winner keep up with the winning Florida Lotto numbers online. FL Lotto offers 4 prize categories. To win the top prize or the jackpot players have to guess 6 Florida lotto winning numbers. The lottery's minimal jackpot is set at $7 mln and there are no restrictions on the number of roll-overs. The XTRA option can increase the secondary cash prizes 2, 3, 4 or 5 times. It can be used when checking off Florida lotto numbers on the ticket and will, for instance, deliver $25 instead of $5 for those matching only 3 of 6 Florida lotto winning numbers.

Country USA
Numbers to Guess 6 from 53
Additional Numbers No Add. Numbers
Jackpot Winning Chances 1 in 22 957 480
Next Jackpot 1500000
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How does it work?

Any player can make use of Florida Lotto results history statistical analysis. The hot Florida lotto numbers are often preferable both for the amateur and expert lottery players as they come up in the winning combinations more frequently. The game's hot numbers are 8, 40, 41, 45 and 47. There are players which prefer the cold numbers coming up in the draws the least frequently. They state that from the standpoint of the probability theory the longer they idle the higher are their chances to appear in the next draw. The cold Florida Lotto numbers list 2, 22, 28, 33 and 38. Using Florida Lotto results history might be very handy in making your numbers selection.

Playing Florida Lotto

The game is available for those aged 18 or older. Still, it is not necessary to be the American citizen or stay there to take part in this lottery. Anyone from any part of the globe having access to the Internet can play this lottery using online lottery sales services. The service representative will buy the ticket using your selected numbers and it will be available for you online in your personal cabinet. The ticket sales are closed an hour or two before the draw and are resumed as soon as the latest Florida Lotto results are published.

Florida Lotto Results

Florida Lotto results are available after the draws carried out two times a week on Wednesday and Saturday at 11:00 p.m. (UTC -4:00) and broadcasted live on Florida local TV channels. Florida Lotto results will be also available online as well as the info on the Florida lotto winning numbers, cash prizes breakdown, the number of winning tickets, jackpot size in the upcoming draws and future draw dates. Visit our site to study Florida Lotto results history which might help you to choose the numbers.

Winning odds

The chances to win anything in the game are 1 in 71. Please find below the list of the prize categories and winning odds depending on the matched Florida lotto winning numbers.


Prize category


Winning chance, %

Winning odds



0.000004356 %

1 : 22,957,480



0.0012 %

1 : 81,410



0.07 %

1 : 1,416



1.4 %

1 : 71


Record jackpots

In May 2014 a $47 mln jackpot was won after 39 roll-overs by a lucky guy from Hollywood. Still, it did not break the record set in September 1990 when FL Lotto delivered its largest $106 mln top-prize. Interestingly enough, one Floridian has been playing one and the same combination in FL Lotto starting from 1988 until finally on 11 May 2011 he won his $35 mln jackpot. Check out Florida Lotto results history to make the numbers selection process easier.

Claiming prizes

You do not have to worry much about claiming prizes when playing FL Lotto using online lottery tickets sales services. As soon as the winning Florida lotto numbers are drawn and the results are published you will be notified by SMS or email about you winning. Prizes up to $600 can be claimed from any official ticket dealer that is why it will be automatically credited to your account and can be further transferred to your bank account or electronic wallet.
To claim prizes from $600 to $250,000 you will have to fill in the special prize claim form. You can ask the ticket sales representative to do that for you and to send the money in any convenient way. Your personal attendance is required to claim prizes over $250,000. That is why you will have to meet the official representative who will give the original ticket and assist in dealing with formalities.
The winning lottery tickets are valid within the 180 days period after the draw date, so do not be late to claim your prize. The prizes can be claimed as a lump sum (in cash) or as an annuity (30 yearly payments). All prizes are taxable which makes 30% of the sum. Take a chance to win the jackpot, play and check Florida lotto results online.