European lottery results

There are several lotto games played in a number of different countries in Europe. In other words, the draws and the winning combinations of numbers will be the same for all the hosting countries. These are EuroMillions and EuroJackpot rightfully regarded to be the most ambitious lottery projects in the entire world. On this page, you'll find the latest multi-state European lottery results online. In this way, you can always keep up with the winning numbers of the two popular pan-European lotteries at home. Euro Millions and Euro Jackpot are the draw-type roll-over games with the big grand prizes and fair chances to get the main cash prize or one of the secondary cash prizes. Here you can also find out the most recent winning numbers as well as the draw dates for these games. Click the corresponding button in the Action column to read the reviews (as well as study the past results choosing the required date) or proceed to play the games after choosing the online lotto agent.


Date Numbers
Europe - EuroJackpot Europe January 14 2022
Spain - EuroMillions Europe January 18 2022