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The latest EuroMillions Winning Numbers. EuroMillions is one of the largest and most popular pan-European lotto games. Started up as a mutual effort of the 3 European nations France, Spain and the Great Britain, the lottery's first draw was held 11 years ago in the French capital Paris. Up to date EuroMillions list 12 participating countries such as Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Great Britain (including the Isle of Man) and Switzerland. In this way using online EuroMillions results checker and keeping up with EuroMillions numbers on the web is very handy. To play EuroMillions lottery players have first to choose 5 EuroMillions numbers from the guess range of 1 to 50 and then 2 additional EuroMillions numbers, the so-called Lucky Stars, from the second guess range of 1 to 11. You can win a cash prize in this lottery even matching only 2 EuroMillions winning numbers. However, winning the jackpot requires matching the 5 main EuroMillions winning numbers and the 2 bonus EuroMillions numbers.

Latest EuroMillions results, January 14 2022 (3 days ago):


EuroMillions results, January 11 2022 (6 days ago):

Country Europe
Numbers to Guess 5 from 50
Additional Numbers 2 from 11
Jackpot Winning Chances 1 in 116 531 800
Next Jackpot 75346327.141611
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How does it work?

All in all, the lotto offers 13 prize categories providing the corresponding guaranteed cash prizes. These cash prizes, as a rule, vary from draw to draw as they are percentage-based depending on the overall prize pool. The jackpot alone accounts for 32% of the lottery tickets sales revenue. The rest of the sum is distributed among the remaining 12 prize categories. So be swift to try your luck, use our latest EuroMillions results checker online.

The minimal guaranteed amount of EuroMillions lottery jackpot is set at €15 mln. If there are more winning tickets, the grand prize is then equally split among the winners. In case there is no one lucky enough to win the grand prize matching all the 7 EuroMillions winning numbers, then it is rolled over to the next draw. The very rule enables EuroMillions jackpot to grow so extremely huge. It is worth mentioning that the maximal jackpot amount accounts for €190 mln. Anyway, the lotto rules are subject to amendments, that is why it is recommended to get the latest updates online and check the latest EuroMillions results on our page after another jackpot is claimed.

From time to time, apart from the regular draw EuroMillions operators hold the so-called Superdraws or the Mega Jackpot draws occasioned with the certain special dates such as, for example, EuroMillions anniversary. Although there are no specified dates and clear regulations for these draws as they are held under the condition the prize pool is big enough. Usually, players can count on 1 or 2 games a year. Interestingly enough, the Superdraws' grand prize is set at €100 mln.

Certain EuroMillions hosting countries hold additional games paralleling EuroMillions:

- Millionaire Maker in the Great Britain
- EuroMillions Plus in Ireland
- My Million in France

Playing EuroMillions

In any member country, EuroMillions are available for those aged 18 or older except for the Great Britain there the age limit is lowered to 16 years. The lottery tickets sales are closed several hours before the draw and are resumed immediately after the latest EuroMillions results are available.

Using the online service you will get your lottery coupon purchased on your behalf by the service representative. The ticket, related game info, and the latest EuroMillions results checker will be available online 7/24.

Latest EuroMillions Results Checker

Every week EuroMillions lottery pays out millions in prizes for its winners. That is why EuroMillions results are much in the global lottery community interest. The winning combination consists of the 5 main EuroMillions numbers and the 2 bonus EuroMillions numbers. Visiting our page you can swiftly check EuroMillions results and updates.
EuroMillions are held on a bi-weekly basis on Tuesday and Friday at the lottery's headquarters in Paris. The draws are broadcasted live in most member countries. Optionally you can check the latest EuroMillions results online soon after, which is much convenient.

Winning odds

Compared to the other popular lotteries, EuroMillions overall winning odds are rather high and are estimated as 1 in 23. The game's jackpot winning odds are estimated as 1 in 116,531,800. Minimally set at €15 mln the jackpot will be rolled over every time there is no one matching the winning combination until there is a winner or it reaches €190 mln. Please find below the prize breakdown depending on the matched combination of EuroMillions winning numbers.


Prize category


Winning chance, %

Winning odds


5 + 2 Stars

0.000000858 %

1 : 116,531,800


5 + 1 Star

0.000015 %

1 : 6,473,989



0.000031 %

1 : 3,236,994


4 + 2 Stars

0.00019 %

1 : 517,919


4 + 1 Star

0.0035 %

1 : 28,773



0.007 %

1 : 14,387


3 + 2 Stars

0.0085 %

1 : 11,771


2 + 2 Stars

0.12 %

1 : 821


3 + 1 Star

0.15 %

1 : 654



0.31 %

1 : 327


1 + 2 Stars

0.64 %

1 : 156


2 + 1 Star

2.19 %

1 : 46



4.38 %

1 : 23


Lottery is a game of chance so any player stands equally fair chance to win. In this way, there are no solid reasons to doubt the possibility of winning EuroMillions jackpot in the nearest draw only but for the case you forgot to buy your lucky ticket or to check EuroMillions results at all. So do not hesitate and hurry up.

Record Jackpots

Up to date, EuroMillions maximal possible jackpot of €190 mln was delivered only once in August 2012 and was split between the 2 British players.

Claiming prizes

EuroMillions prize will be fully paid out to those presenting the winning ticket. With that in mind, the ticket buyer is not automatically considered a possible prize holder in a due course. That is why it is highly recommended to keep the winning ticket safe to avoid legal proceeding in the case of losing or theft.

If playing EuroMillions online you manage to match the winning combination of EuroMillions numbers, you will be notified about that by email and get the money credited to your personal account. The money can be further transferred to your bank account or used to play in the upcoming draws. If you are lucky to scoop the jackpot (on average 100 million dollars), you will be contacted by the sales representative to decide on the most convenient way for you to get the money. Take a chance to win millions and enhance your financial standing, play and check EuroMillions results.