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EuroLotto is a lottery agent offering players an opportunity to play the top international lotteries online. The offered lotteries selection is not that big, we have to admit, still these are the most popular lotto games among the lotto fans not least due to the astonishing jackpots. These are EuroJackpot, EuroMillions, USA Powerball, Mega Millions, SuperEnalotto, German Lotto 6/490. In case you have no time or desire to read the whole review you can proceed to EuroLotto review summary at the page bottom.

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2 from 10 1 in 26 EuroJackpot Review
2 from 11 1 in 13 EuroMillions Review
1 from 10 1 in 31 German Lotto Review
1 from 25 1 in 15 Mega Millions Review
1 from 26 1 in 25 Powerball Review

EuroLotto review: General Info

The detailed EuroLotto review below is expected to help lottery players to answer a number of the topical questions before starting using the site. Is EuroLotto legit? What lotteries and bonuses does it offer? Isn't EuroLotto scam? What are the prize claiming options and conditions? Is the lottery website EuroLotto reliable enough? Can be the first positive impression of EuroLotto fake?
The mentioned lotteries' jackpots are reported to be the biggest in the whole global lottery industry. This is not just a promotional statement; it is backed by these facts:

- EuroMillions is the most famous European lottery held 2 times a week and featuring the jackpot reaching €190 mln;
- EuroJackpot is another popular pan-European lottery started up in 2012 and hosted in 16 countries once a week. The game's record jackpot was reported to reach €61 mln;
- Mega Millions is American lottery held two times a week. Currently it is the world's top lottery as for the delivered jackpot which accounted for $656 mln and was claimed in March 2012;
- USA Powerball is rightfully considered to be the most beloved lottery in America. The draws are held on Monday and Friday. The record jackpot was reported in May 2013 and accounted for $590.5 mln;
- SuperEnalotto is Italy's largest lottery held 3 times a week. The lotto's largest jackpot accounted for €177.8 mln;
- Lotto 6/49 is Germany's national lottery game with the minimal guaranteed jackpot set at €1 mln and €2 respectively for the Wednesday and Saturday draws. The biggest jackpot reached €45.4.

Apart from the mentioned lotteries Euro Lotto offers players numerous instant lotteries, scratch cards and casino games.

So what backs EuroLotto legit standing? Can be EuroLotto scam? EuroLotto website is operated by LLC PlayCherry working under the license agreement issued and regulated by Malta Gaming Authority. EuroLotto provides the 24/7 online support so that players can ask for assistance or address with their question at any suitable time. The site's administration can be reached via the online chat, contact form or by phone +356 2276 6666. They will be swift to tackle any related issue or question. EuroLotto legit status and online security is ensured by Google safe browsing, Norton Safeweb. We haven't found complaints about EuroLotto scam mailing which is always good. Still you have to be watchful, as any potential scam can make use of the reputable name of EuroLotto, fake some winning notifications to wangle the money or personal data.

EuroLotto review: Boosterball bets

EuroLotto website offers its users a unique opportunity to win the additional prize ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 Euros. To take part in the bonus raffle players have to choose Boosterball option while making their numbers selection, bet from 1 to 10 Euros and choose 3 numbers from the main ones. Matching the 3 chosen numbers they will get additionally 1,000 - 10,000 Euros as well as the main won prize for the 3 matched numbers (if it is stipulated by the given lottery rules).

EuroLotto review: Playing at

The game-play format offered by EuroLotto is rather easy and convenient. First of all it is necessary to choose the lotto you would like to take part in. This won't take you long as the page provides the key data for every offered game which is just enough to make a quick choice: the upcoming jackpot, ticket price and the last winning numbers. In this way it is all at once clear: the possible winning, the fee and the required amount of numbers to be chosen and matched. Besides, EuroLotto website enables players to buy just 1 ticket entry as opposed to the other online lottery agents usually setting the minimal limit at 3 or 5 entries.

After deciding on the game, choose the required amount of the lottery numbers. In case you do not have the favorite numbers or you do not wish to bother choosing the numbers yourself, you can make use of the automatic numbers selection option which will randomly generated the combination for your ticket entry. If you decided to use the Boosterball option, then choose 3 of the already selected main numbers. Choose the date and the number of draws you would like to play in. After the order is paid up, you will be sent an email with all the related details. As it is a case with most lotto agents the sales are closed 1.5-2 hours before the draw to give the site's agents enough time to process the orders.

EuroLotto review: Responsible Gaming

What makes EuroLotto reliable? It takes care of its users and does its best to make the game-play as entertaining as possible. EuroLotto offers several tools to manage the game and set the expenditures limit in this way promoting the responsible attitude to gaming. Upon completing the registration, sing in to the personal cabinet and study the “Responsible Gaming” section thoroughly. Playing lotteries can be both for having fun and for one's benefit. The winning is not something guaranteed, loss is a part of the game-play, so be ready for that. So that play responsibly and do not risk big money you cannot afford to spend. This supports EuroLotto reliable agent's reputation.

EuroLotto review: Draw results

Winning in any of the offered categories, the player gets the notification sent to his email and published in the personal cabinet. In this way playing at you will not even have to bother checking the results which are nevertheless published at the website soon after the official draw. There you will also find the last 10 results for any offered lottery.

EuroLotto review: Claiming prizes

Is the lotto website EuroLotto reliable in terms of payments? Isn't EuroLotto fake in any respect? If you were lucky to win one of the cash prizes the money will be automatically credited to your personal account at EuroLotto. You can transfer the money to your bank account any time you want. In case of the major winnings exceeding €5,000,000, EuroLotto website reserves the right to pay out the winning part-wise. To find the detailed payment and withdrawal information, check the “24/7 Support – Withdrawal” section.

EuroLotto review: Special offers and bonuses

EuroLotto offers players various bonuses. We will not enumerate all of them here as some of them are offered on the constant basis while others are temporary. The first ones include the 100% refund on the first purchase (in case of loss). Due to the constant temporary bonuses rotations it would be recommended to subscribe to mailing not to miss the interesting offers.

EuroLotto review summary

Please find EuroLotto review summary which is to help players to assess the website at a quick glance answering the related questions: Is EuroLotto legit? Isn't EuroLotto scam? Is the lottery website EuroLotto reliable enough? Can be the positive impression about EuroLotto fake?

EuroLotto is rather user-friendly lottery site offering tickets for the 6 draw-type lotteries: EuroJackpot, EuroMillions, US Powerball, Mega Millions, SuperEnalotto, German Lotto 6/49 as well as a number of instant lottos, scratch cards and casino games. The website is translated into 5 languages which makes it accessible for the wider audience. As it comes from the provided info it does not provide the e-copy of the purchased lottery ticket. It is also worth mentioning that it imposes certain country restrictions. In this way it is not available for the players from American Samoa, Bonaire, France, French Guiana, French Polynesia, Guadeloupe, Guam, Canada, Martinique, New Caledonia, Réunion, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin (French), Saint Pierre and Miquelon, East Timor, Hungary, USA, Wallis and Futuna, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Israel, Belgium, UK and Thailand. We have not found complaints of EuroLotto fake activity, EuroLotto scam mailing or too many negative feedbacks. EuroLotto legit standing is backed by LLC PlayCherry operating under the license agreement issued by Malta Gaming Authority.

EuroLotto website has an interesting bonus system. Apart from the constantly offered bonuses it has a number of the temporary ones. The site supports the “Multi Draw” option allowing players to buy tickets for up to 52 draws in advance. We have tested the website's support service and were swiftly provided the due assistance. Furthermore, Euro Lotto holds the bonus raffle allowing players to win up to €10,000 for the 3 lottery numbers matched. Using the “Responsible Gaming” option players can set their own expenditures limits. We hope EuroLotto review summary will be helpful.


  1. user-friendly interface
  2. affordable prices
  3. bonus system
  4. “Boosterball bet” – additional winning opportunities
  5. Responsible Gaming option