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The latest EuroJackpot Numbers. EuroJackpot lottery was started up only 3 years ago with the 1st draw held in spring 2012. EuroJackpot member list includes the following European countries: Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Slovakia. Take advantage of the latest EuroJackpot results checker online to keep up with the last developments and not to miss any draw which can make you a millionaire. To win anything in EuroJackpot you will have to match at least 2 main EuroJackpot numbers and 1 “Euro” number. The prize sizes are proportionally calculated based on the overall prize pool. The jackpot and the last division prize will account respectively for 36% and 19.1% of the pool. 88% of the prize pool will be allocated respectively among the prize categories with the remaining 12% send to the so-called “Booster” pool offering the minimal guaranteed jackpot of €10 mln. If there are several jackpot winning tickets then the grand prize will be equally split between them.

Country Europe
Numbers to Guess 5 from 50
Additional Numbers 2 from 10
Jackpot Winning Chances 1 in 95 344 200
Next Jackpot 64486608
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How does it work?

EuroJackpot gameplay is rather simple. Players have to choose the 5 main EuroJackpot numbers from the guess range of 1 to 50 and then choose 2 additional EuroJackpot numbers also referred to as the “Star” or “Euro” numbers from the range of one to 10. Winning EuroJackpot main prize requires matching all the five main EuroJackpot winning numbers and 2 additional EuroJackpot winning numbers drawn. If matching fewer numbers players may still count on the fair cash prizes in another 11 prize categories. Take a chance to become a lottery winner, play and check EuroJackpot results online.
Still, if there is no one matching the jackpot winning combination of 5+2 (EuroJackpot winning numbers) in the draw, then the jackpot is rolled over to the next draw and in this way may grow really big although the number of roll-overs is restricted to 12. The jackpot size is also limited and will not exceed €90 mln. If there is still no jackpot winner in the 13th draw then the grand prize will be provided to those matching the nearest combination of 5+1 (EuroJackpot winning numbers). The remaining prize pool will be distributed among the winners in the preceding categories.

Playing EuroJackpot

EuroJackpot lottery is available for anyone aged 18 or older staying in one of the lottery hosting countries as well as for other international players via the online lottery sales services. Anyone around the globe having access to the Internet and desire may try his luck in EuroJackpot lottery and can possibly become the next lottery multi-millionaire. Playing online you do not have to take the trouble about claiming prizes. The sales service representative will manage everything to get the money credited to your account.
Remember that the ticket sales are closed several hours before the draw that is why it is recommended to contact local operator to make such an inquiry. Online lottery sales are closed 5 hours before the draw and are resumed soon after the latest EuroJackpot results are published.

Latest EuroJackpot Results Checker

The latest EuroJackpot results are available after the draws carried out every week on Friday (as well as the other popular European lottery EuroMillions) at the headquarters in Helsinki, Finland. You can also check EuroJackpot results online on our page as they are published immediately after the draw as well as to find other related information about the lottery. Check EuroJackpot results online to keep up this the latest updates in minutes.

Winning odds

Winning EuroJackpot grand prize requires matching the 5 main EuroJackpot numbers and the 2 additional EuroJackpot numbers drawn respectively from the range of 1 to 50 and 1 to 10. If matching fewer EuroJackpot numbers players may count on the cash prize of the other 11 categories. The winning odds for the top and the last prize in EuroJackpot are estimated respectively as 1 in 42 and 1 in 95,244,200. Find below the list of EuroJackpot prize categories, the corresponding winning odds and dividends depending on the matched EuroJackpot numbers.


Prize category


Winning chance, %

Winning odds


5 + 2 Stars

0.000001049 %

1 : 95,344,200


5 + 1 Star

0.000017 %

1 : 5,959,013



0.00003 %

1 : 3,405,150


4 + 2 Stars

0.0002 %

1 : 423,752


4 + 1 Star

0.0037 %

1 : 26,485



0.007 %

1 : 15,134


3 + 2 Stars

0.01 %

1 : 9,631


2 + 2 Stars

0.149 %

1 : 672


3 + 1 Star

0.17 %

1 : 602



0.29 %

1 : 344


1 + 2 Stars

0.78 %

1 : 128


2 + 1 Stars

2.38 %

1 : 42


Record Jackpots

Featuring 12 prize divisions and 7 lucky jackpot winning numbers EuroJackpot sets the minimal guaranteed jackpot at €10 mln which can be several times bigger after a number of roll-overs when there is no one to match all the numbers required. EuroJackpot record pot was won in 2014 in Finland and accounted for €61.1 mln. Use our online EuroJackpot results checker and you will never miss a draw.

Claiming prizes

If you were lucky to win EuroJackpot with the ticket bought from the official retailer in one of the lottery hosting countries then you would have to contact the lottery official personally. The prizes can be claimed within the set time limit. It is highly recommended to specify this information at the retail office to avoid expiry of your winning ticket.

In case the winning ticket is purchased online, you do not have to worry about the mentioned issues as the lottery sales service takes every trouble. You will be immediately notified about that by SMS or email. If it is not one of the first prizes then the money will be credited to your personal account and can be further transferred to your bank account or used for the upcoming games. If not you can always make use of the online EuroJackpot results checker at our site. And if you are so lucky to win the jackpot (on average 100 million dollars) then you will be contacted by the support service and provided any information needed to get the prize. Do not miss your chance to win millions, play and check EuroJackpot results online.