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EuroMillions review

Is the lottery website EuroMillions legit or fake and scam? Going to try luck in EuroMillions online and found this online agent then you would for sure like to know more about it and might have several questions. Working as the affiliate partner of 2 reliable and reputable agents, EuroMillions website offers players an opportunity to buy EuroMillions and other tickets online. It provides a comprehensive overview of the lotteries' gameplay, rules, winning odds and other useful info for those having any questions. * Please note that Euro-Millions has rebranded its website and is now operating under the name Jackpot.


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2 from 10 1 in 26 EuroJackpot Review
2 from 11 1 in 13 EuroMillions Review
1 from 10 1 in 6 French Lotto Review
1 from 10 1 in 31 German Lotto Review
1 from 39
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1 in 29 Irish Lotto Review
1 from 84
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not accountable for jackpot
1 in 21 SuperEnalotto Review
1 from 53
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not accountable for jackpot
1 in 9 National Lottery UK Review

EuroMillions review: General Info

Isn't EuroMillions scam? Isn't the reputation of EuroMillions fake? Is the online lottery provider EuroMillions legit? Please find below the detailed EuroMillions review or proceed at once to EuroMillions review summary if you can't stand waiting and are too eager to play.

“Super Draw” in Euro Millions

Euro Millions minimal guaranteed pot for the ordinary draws is set at €15 mln. However, it may be increased to at least €100 mln for the special “Super Draw” held from time to time. The “Super Draw” may be announced any day but as a rule, such special addition draws are carried out to mark some holidays, anniversaries or special dates.

EuroMillions numbers generator offers a “random lottery numbers generator” feature to save the players' time and trouble. You have just to click the button and the program will generate 5 random numbers and 2 Lucky Stars for your entry. It is just to one’s luck, and who knows maybe that would be your life-changing decision turning you into a millionaire.

Additional lotteries

Apart from EuroMillions lottery the website gives players a unique opportunity to purchase tickets for a wide variety of other lotto games such as French Lotto, German Lotto 6 aus 49, Irish Lottery, SuperEnalotto Italy, El Gordo de Navidad, Spanish La Primitiva and British Lotto.

So are there any suspicions on the related EuroMillions fake winning notifications? EuroMillions legit status is secured by Google safe browsing, Norton Safe Web. Still, EuroMillions warns you about online malpractices or the so-called copycat EuroMillions scam sending players the e-mails allegedly to notify about the winnings but in reality trying to wangle their personal account data. The website informs that EuroMillions official lottery representatives will not anyhow contact you in the case of winning: it is up to you to decide to contact them to get the prize or not. EuroMillions lottery will not, of course, charge you an extra fee or taxes for the claimed lottery prizes so that more likely might be the EuroMillions scam.

To expose the copycat EuroMillions scam, sending (on behalf of the genuine EuroMillions) fake and scam emails please find below a list of the alarming clues:

- you received the message from the free email box (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and so on);

- the letter is not addressed to you directly;

- there are grammar, spelling, punctuation errors or the wrong word order in the letter body;

- reference to the limited validity period of the winning ticket.

EuroMillions review: How does it work?

EuroMillions lotto totally offers 13 different prize categories and fair winning odds. To win anything in this lotto game you will have to match at least 2 main balls. Hitting EuroMillions pot requires matching the 5 main and the 2 bonus balls, the so-called Lucky Stars. The prize size, as a rule, depends on the tickets sales volume as well as the number of the preceding roll-overs. Every time there is no jackpot winner the grand prize is saved for the next game and increases until it is finally claimed.

To take part in EuroMillions lottery first you will have to fill in the lotto entry checking off your lottery balls, the number of weeks and draws you wish to play.

You can make from 3 to 5 entries in one EuroMillions ticket. Naturally enough the price will grow progressively with the number of entries chosen. The more entries the player makes the higher chances he stands to win. You may choose the balls yourself or use the so-called "Quick Pick" to get them automatically generated for your entries as well as to save time and trouble. will give you a discount for the lottery tickets if you decide to play more than 1 draw. You may also buy tickets for up to 52 weeks in advance. Remember you will not be able to buy tickets for the 30th-week draw without playing the draws of the 29 preceding weeks.

Finally, you will have to fill in the special registration form and foot the bill.

EuroMillions review: Syndicates

If you wish to save your money without missing the lotto draws then the so-called syndicate option is just what you need. Entering a lottery pool you will both save some money and hike your chances to win. So what is a lottery syndicate? A lottery pool is a group of people (friends, family members, colleagues) jointly trying their luck in lottery games. Nevertheless, there are several drawbacks in this strategy. For instance, a rare still possible scenario when the lotto syndicate chooses a careless or unfair cash and tickets keeper who can steal the money or may be reluctant to share the winning with the pool members stating that was his private coupon that won. That is why lottery syndicate has to make a well-argued decision in this respect. It is also highly advisable to discuss every point of the syndicate agreement beforehand to avoid misunderstandings later.

EuroMillions review: Statistics / draw results

EuroMillions site provides various statistical data and useful info such as the hot lottery numbers and combinations, most common number pairs and triplets, pot size chart for the last 6 month, the largest jackpots track record as well as the percentage-based distribution of prizes for different categories in the “Prizes” menu and the total number of winners.

EuroMillions: Claiming prizes

According to the site founders, getting their lottery prizes is easy. The site agent will credit the money to your personal account, which can be further transferred to the e-wallet or bank account. In case you are lucky to win a large prize, you will be contacted by phone to decide on the prize claiming options: you can either get it personally in the lottery hosting country or entrust EuroMillions website agent to get the money and credit it to your account.

EuroMillions: Special offers / bonuses

EuroMillions website has yet no special offers or bonuses.

EuroMillions review summary

Online lottery agent EuroMillions review summary is aimed to help players (who are going to use its services) to answer such questions: Is EuroMillions scam? Aren't the services of EuroMillions fake? Is the online agent EuroMillions legit? Apart from unanimous lottery EuroMillions website offers tickets for a wide variety of popular foreign lotteries. It provides a comprehensive review of the offered lotteries including the development history, statistics of winnings and hot numbers / combinations as well as swift feedback for the FAQs. It applies a user-friendly multilingual format accessible for players around the globe. EuroMillions legit status is secured by Google safe browsing, Norton Safe Web. EuroMillions fake winning notifications are much discussed on the web still the site provides a list of useful clues to expose the scams. Another EuroMillions advantage is the provided e-copy of your lottery ticket. We hope you will find EuroMillions review summary helpful.


  1. multilingual interface
  2. wide selection of lotto games
  3. e-copy of the lottery ticket
  4. relatively low minimal deposit