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Loteria de Navidad results 2021 and general overview

It’s safe to say that Loteria de Navidad is one of the most anticipated events in the world of lotteries and there are indeed many reasons why it is so! This is a Spanish Christmas lottery that takes place on December 22 and has a history of more than 200 years. Being a super raffle with the largest prize pool in the world, it offers a 1 in 100,000 chance to win the €4 million jackpot, as well as 1 in 6,5 overall odds. El Gordo de Navidad winning numbers are being drawn in a very special way, absolutely different from those in other lotteries. Overall, there are 15,304 winning combinations in every draw. Want to know more details and where to find Loteria de Navidad results 2021? Look through a short review we’ve prepared!

Here below you can check Loteria de Navidad 2021 winning numbers:

Prize Winning numbers
1 26590
2 10989
3 00750
4 41710, 49797

74770, 81610, 06293, 23059,
54527, 66212, 69823, 75206

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Country Spain
Numbers to Guess 5 from 00000-99999
Additional Numbers No Add. Numbers
Jackpot Winning Chances 1 in 100 000
Next Jackpot 0
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What is El Gordo de Navidad: history

The first draw of Lotería de Navidad was held in the city of Cadiz in 1812 with its purpose being to increase public revenue for the state tax authority. In 1814, the drawing was for the first time held in Madrid, the future center for Spanish National Lottery draws.

Today, one of the things that make the raffle especially festive is that Loteria de Navidad results are sung aloud by young pupils of San Ildefonso School. They start practicing months before the drawing and then, as the balls are being selected, one child sings aloud the 5-digit number and another child sings the prize. Dressed in lottery-styled clothing, they make the event even more spectacular. This is a beautiful and long-lasting tradition that began in XIX century, too.

As of El Gordo de Navidad results of the previous years, the situation is the following. The first prize of the lottery, also called Gordo, has undergone certain changes since 2010. Naturally, it has greatly increased! Comparing to the raffle in 2011, Loteria de Navidad Gordo
grew from €3 million to €4 million, while the second prize, Segundo, increased from €1 million to €1.25 million. The third prize, Quintos, grew from €500,000 to €600,000.

Buy Loteria de Navidad tickets

In 2018, Loteria de Navidad is going to sell 100.000 tickets, locally known as billetes, with 5-digit codes ranging between 00000 and 99999. With each passing year, the game is becoming more and more popular, which is why in 2018 each ticket will be printed in 170 copies. Just for comparison, in 2011 the number of tickets for sale was 99,000 tickets in 160 copies. The distribution of tickets and the prices vary from year to year as well.

Each ticket is divided into 10 shares known as décimos that can be purchased individually. This year’s formula is the following:
100,000 tickets * 170 copies * 10 shares = 170 million shares

Now you know why this year’s amount of shares on the market is so huge!

An interesting fact

In the Loteria de Navidad draw, 100,000 small wooden balls are placed in a drum. Each of the balls has a different 5-digit number. An interesting thing is that numbers are marked with laser since paint could lead to inconsistencies in the weight of the balls. Just for your interest, each ball is supposed to weigh 3 grams and be 19 mm in diameter.

El Gordo de Navidad winning numbers

As of 2018, the estimated prize pool amounts to approximately €2.38 billion. In fact, that’s the largest prize pool in the world, which is indeed impressive! The prize breakdown differs from traditional prize systems offered by most lotteries and that’s one more thing that makes Loteria de Navidad so involving. To be more precise, there are six main prize categories and 11 additional ones!

As of the main prize categories, the situation is clear. The highest prize is €4 million, while the chances of winning it are 1 to 100.000. Comparing to other lotteries, they are amazingly high! The second prize is €125,000, which is not bad as well. Up to the third category, there will be only one winner. In the 4th and 5th categories, there will be 2 and 8 winners respectively.

As mentioned above, each ticket has 170 copies and is divided into 10 shares. If to talk about the first prize, as an example, only those players owning all the 10 shares are eligible to claim the €4 million amount. Overall, the pool for jackpot prizes is approximately €680 million.

Also, there will be 15,304 possible combinations of El Gordo de Navidad winning numbers. In other words, 1 in every 6.5 tickets wins a prize! Isn’t it indeed motivating?!

For more detailed information on the prize breakdown and Loteria de Navidad results 2021, look through the table below. We remind that here you can also check Loteria de Navidad 2021 winning numbers right after the drawing!

Prize category Number of winners Prize per share
1 1 € 400,000
2 1 € 125,000
3 1 € 50,000
4 2 € 20,000
5 8 € 6,000
6 1794 € 100
Numbers +1 larger or -1 smaller than the 1st prize 2 € 2,000
Numbers +1 larger or -1 smaller than the 2nd prize 2 € 1,250
Numbers +1 larger or -1 smaller than the 3rd prize 2 € 960
First 3 digits match the 1st prize 99 € 100
First 3 digits match the 2nd prize 99 € 100
First 3 digits match the 3rd prize 99 € 100
First 3 digits match the 4th prize 198 € 100
Last 2 digits match the 1st prize 999 € 100
Last 2 digits match the 2nd prize 999 € 100
Last 2 digits match the 3rd prize 999 € 100
Last digit match the 1st prize (except the 1st prize) 9999 € 20


How drawings are held

During El Gordo Navidad raffle, two drums are being used. Thousands of wooden balls with 5-digit numbers on them are put into the larger drum, while the smaller one contains 1,807 balls, each representing some variations of the offered prizes. A single ball is simultaneously selected from each drum – that’s how the prizes are matched with one of the 100,000 ticket numbers. Also, the balls are placed like beads, which allows to insert them onto framed wires as Loteria de Navidad results are announced. Overall, the draw lasts about three hours.

To conclude

In such a way, Loteria de Navidad is an incredibly popular raffle with amazingly high winning odds. Hosted by the Spanish National Lottery and supported by government, it attracts interest of about 98% adults in Spain. Basically, the entire country participates in the Spanish El Gordo Christmas Lottery celebrations! In 2018, it’s expected that the holders of almost 24 million shares will win prizes from the 15,304 possible combinations of El Gordo de Navidad winning numbers in every draw. Keep in mind that the raffle tickets are being sold out very fast, especially now when it comes closer to the date. Don’t miss the chance to purchase yours and follow the latest updates on Loteria de Navidad results 2021!