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The latest El Gordo Results and Numbers Online. It was Spanish King Charles III who started cultivating love to lotteries among the Spaniards when yet back in 1763 he started the country's first royal lottery. Later in 1812 Spain started its National Lottery and almost 200 years later there appeared “ElGordo de la Primitiva” or simply “ElGordo” since considered Spain's most popular national lottery owing to its impressive jackpots. It is a part of “Loterías y Apuestas del Estado” organization and is held by Spanish National Organization for Lotteries and Bets. Take a chance to become a lottery millionaire play and check the latest El Gordo results online. The lotto's ticket consists of two sections. Players have to choose the 5 main El Gordo numbers from 54 possible in the first section and 1 additional number (also known as Key) from the guess range of 0 to 9. Players may choose their El Gordo numbers manually (Natural Selection), get the numbers automatically generated at random (Quick Pick) or play several draws in a row using their special or favorite El Gordo numbers (My Lucky Numbers).

Country Spain
Numbers to Guess 5 from 54
Additional Numbers 1 from 10
Jackpot Winning Chances 1 in 31 625 100
Next Jackpot 5653260
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How does it work?

The lottery uses two ruffle drums: the first one randomly draws 5 main El Gordo winning numbers and the second one draws the bonus ball out of the additional El Gordo numbers. The tickets matching the drawn El Gordo numbers are the winning ones. The ticket fully matching the combination of 5 main and 1 additional El Gordo winning numbers can claim the jackpot. The game totally offers 9 cash prize categories. The prizes amount is directly dependent on ticket sales revenue and the number of winners. However if matching just the “Key” number players will get back the money spent for the ticket in other words the last prize division is equal to the starting fee.
The lottery's minimal guaranteed prize of the top category is set at €5 mln. In case there is no one lucky enough to guess the jackpot-winning combination of El Gordo winning numbers, then 50% of the jackpot will be rolled over into the prize pool of the next draw. In this way, the top prize may reach €22 mln.

Playing Spanish El Gordo lottery

Anyone aged 18 or older may take part in Spanish El Gordo lottery and it is not necessary to be Spanish to do that as there are numerous online lottery sites providing access for players from any part of the globe. Priced €1.5 per entry El Gordo lottery tickets are sold Monday through Saturday via the official Spanish ticket retail network or via the online lottery services. The sales are closed several hours before the draw and are resumed soon after El Gordo results are published.

Latest El Gordo Results

The latest El Gordo results are available after the draws carried out at the operator's headquarters in Madrid once a week on Sunday at 9:30 p.m. local time (UTC +2) and broadcasted live on TV. It is no longer a problem if you for some reason missed the broadcast as you can just go online soon after the draw and get the updates of the latest El Gordo results and study the yearly El Gordo results archived on our page. You can also find here the latest lottery news, dates of the upcoming draws and other useful info.

Winning odds

45% of the ticket sales revenues are handed to the government, another 45% are allocated for the lottery's prize pool and the remaining 10% are left for the operator to pay out the guaranteed prizes. The overall prize pool is split between the prize categories based on a certain percentage. Prizes in each category will be equally split between all the winning tickets except for the 2+0 category granting a €3 prize. Please find below the breakdown of the prizes and odds depending on the matched El Gordo winning numbers (KN - Key Number).


Prize category


Winning chance, %

Winning odds


5 + KN

0.000003162 %

1 : 31,625,100



0.000028 %

1 : 3,513,900


4 + KN

0.00077 %

1 : 129,082



0.007 %

1 : 14,342


3 + KN

0.037 %

1 : 2,689



0.33 %

1 : 299


2 + KN

0.58 %

1 : 172



5.26 %

1 : 19



10 %

1 : 10


Record jackpots

Spanish El Gordo lottery offers 9 prize categories. Winning the top prize category requires matching the 5 main numbers and 1 key number. The minimal guaranteed jackpot accounts for €5 mln still usually it is much higher after the roll-overs made any time there is no winner.
El Gordo lottery largest pot of €33 mln was won in 2011. The lottery's second and third largest jackpots were claimed respectively in 2008 and 2007 and accounted correspondingly for €27 mln and €27 mln.

Claiming prizes

If you were lucky to win in El Gordo lottery, then you may claim the prize in cash of up to €600 at any official ticket retail outlet in Spain. If you are to claim bigger prizes, you will have to address Spanish National Organization for Lotteries and Bets. The winning tickets are valid only for 180 days after the draw and will be annulled if not claimed within this period. Lottery wins are tax-free in Spain if they are less than €2,500 otherwise, they are taxable which makes 20% of the sum.
Buying lottery tickets online saves a lot of trouble. Any time you win a prize you will be personally notified about that by SMS or email providing all information needed. The money will be credited to your personal account. Feel free to contact the sales representative if you have any questions. Your personal attendance to get the prize will be required just in special cases. Still, you will not have to take the trouble, as the sales service will organize your stay in Spain accounting your personal desires. So do not miss a draw keep up with El Gordo numbers on the web, play and check the latest El Gordo results online. Be lucky to win 100 million dollars!