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The latest Dupla Sena numbers online. Brazil Dupla Sena lottery is known for its unique format enabling players to take part in two draws at once using one and the same combination of numbers. This lottery game was started up back in 2001 by Caixa Econômica Federal bank following the success of its predecessor Mega Sena lottery rightfully becoming Brazil's second largest nationwide lottery. 33% of the ticket sales revenues are allocated for the governmental organizations, 44% are used to cover the lottery's operator administrative costs with the remaining 33% sent to the lotto prize pool. Try your lottery luck, play and check Dupla Sena results online. To take part in this lottery players have to select 6 Dupla Sena numbers from the guess range of 1 to 50. The game popularity is also backed by its format implying drawing two combinations of Dupla Sena winning numbers for one draw, which naturally hikes the winning rates. The players may check off Dupla Sena numbers manually (Natural Selection), get them randomly and automatically generated (Quick Pick) or use their special or favorite numbers (My Numbers).

Country Brazil
Numbers to Guess 6 from 50
Additional Numbers No Add. Numbers
Jackpot Winning Chances 1 in 15 890 700
Next Jackpot 693183.6
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How does it work?

Here are some tips to hike your chances to win the game. First of all, avoid choosing solely odd or even numbers in your combination as their chances to come up in the draw are meager and are estimated as 3 in 100. Try to check off Dupla Sena numbers in such relations as 3/3, 2/3 and 3/2. Interestingly enough the sum of the selected numbers has to range between 118 and 188, as these numbers are expected to show up in the draws in the 70% of cases.
Many players choose to use some important dates from their life such as birthdays, anniversaries and so on for their lucky lottery numbers. However, as a rule, such approach limits your winning chances as the mentioned numbers are usually calendar and are found in the range of 1 to 31 in contrast to 1 to 50 guess range used in Dupla Sena lottery. Of course, you are free to use them if you have a good filling and hope luck will smile upon you.

How to play

This lottery game is available for Brazilians aged 18 or older offering tickets through the wide network of official retail outlets. Still, it is not a big deal if you are not Brazilian and live somewhere else as you can play Dupla Sena lottery using online lottery tickets sales service. You can take part in this lottery buying ticket online irrespective of your actual location. All you have to do is to go online and select your lucky lottery numbers and the ticket will be bought on your behalf.

Latest Dupla Sena Results

The latest Dupla Sena results are available after the draws carried out every Thursday and Friday at 8 p.m. GTM. You can also check Dupla Sena results at our website soon after the raffle. Here you can also find other related information and the yearly draw results archive. Bear in mind that the tickets sales are closed 3 hours before the raffle starts and are resumed as soon as the latest Dupla Sena results are published.

Winning odds

Brazil Dupla Sena lottery can boast one of the most favorable odds of winning in the entire South America owing to its unique double draw format. Winning jackpot requires matching all the 6 numbers drawn. The minimal jackpot size is set at 300,000 Brazilian reals. If there is no winner in the draw, the jackpot is rolled over increasing every next draw. The game offers 3 prize divisions. The 1st prize category requires guessing 6 Dupla Sena winning numbers; the 2nd and 3rd prize categories require matching respectively 5 and 4 Dupla Sena numbers drawn. Find below the winning odds for every prize category and the combinations of Dupla Sena numbers.


Prize category


Winning chance, %

Winning odds



0.000006 %

1 : 15,890,700



0.002 %

1 : 60,192



0.09 %

1 : 1,120


Record Jackpots

From the outset, Brazil Dupla Sena lottery stirred interest among the lotto fans owing to its unique double draw format and huge jackpots. The lottery's record jackpot of 11 mln reals (about $4.5 mln) was won in 2010.

Claiming prizes

The lottery's cash prizes are to be claimed within the 90 days period from the date of the draw, otherwise, the money will be handed over to the National Higher Education Financing Fund. The cash prizes can be claimed as a lump sum or annuity (implying yearly payments) and are taxable which accounts for 13.8% of the total sum. In the majority of cases, the won money will be credited to the personal account and can be later transferred to your bank account or used for the upcoming draws. In the case of winning the jackpot you will be personally contacted by the sales service representative and offered to choose the most convenient way to get the prize. So do not miss a draw check Dupla Sena results and keep up with Dupla Sena winning numbers online.