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Daily Million is a cute little lottery offering two draws every day (at 2 p.m. and 9 p.m.) and €1 million as its top prize. A good news is that it is available even on weekends and bank holidays. The Daily Millions results, in turn, are aired an hour after the draw. As for the format, players are to choose six numbers from the 1-39 range, as well as one bonus number. In order to participate, players will have to choose at least one panel per draw, while each panel costs €1. Irish Daily Million results, as well as the archive of the previous Daily Millions numbers, may be found online at any time of your convenience.

Country Ireland
Numbers to Guess 6 from 39
Additional Numbers 1 from 33
remaining numbers
not accountable for jackpot
Jackpot Winning Chances 1 in 3 262 623
Next Jackpot 1124350
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Daily Million: who is the operator?

Daily Million is offered by Irish National Lottery, which is in turn operated by the Premier Lotteries Ireland (PLI). Just a few words about this operator. A really great thing is that they support good causes around Ireland. In case you are curious to know more, Premier Lotteries Ireland is a private operator that has taken the ownership of the licence in 2014. Irish government annually receives €405 million from the sale of tickets, and some part of this amount goes to the construction of a new National Children's Hospital. In other words, you do help other people when you are playing Daily Million!

General information about Daily Million

The National Lottery IE launched Daily Million in 2012 as the replacement of Monday Million (a draw game that used to be held on Monday evenings with its top prize being €1 million) and All Or Nothing (a daily draw game offering a chance to win up to €500,000). At the moment, Daily Million draws take place at the Headquarters of the National Lottery IE and are supervised by Independent observers and the agent’s draw personnel. Nevertheless, the National Lottery IE does not allow the draws to be either viewed by the public or streamed online. As mentioned above, Daily Millions results become known an hour after the draw.

Prize categories

As you remember, the top prize amounts to €1 million. Pay attention that it is fixed, which means that it does not rollover in the next draw in case there is no winner. Unfortunately, this applies to all the prize categories in Daily Million. To win the top prize, it is enough to guess six main Daily Millions numbers (it is unnecessary to guess the bonus number). Keep in mind, however, that in case there are more than one winners, the top prize is shared amongst them accordingly. Overall, the expected prize payout per one draw is 54.23% of gross revenue for that particular draw. Nevertheless, this amount may vary depending on the overall Daily Millions results and the actual prize payout on any given draw. 
For more information about Irish Daily Million results and prizes please look at the table below:


Matched Numbers

Odds of Winning


6 Main Numbers

1 in 3,262,623

Wins or share €1 Million

5 Main Numbers + Bonus

1 in 543,771

You win €10,000

5 Main Numbers 

1 in 16,993

You win €500

4 Main Numbers + Bonus

1 in 6,797

You win €100

4 Main Numbers

1 in 439

You win €25

3 Main Numbers + Bonus

1 in 329

You win €10

3 Main Numbers

1 in 33

You win €3


The overall odds of winning any of Daily Million prizes are 1 in 28.

Daily Million Plus

A great thing is that players are offered an opportunity to improve their winning chances by playing an add-on game Daily Million Plus for an extra 50c. If you apply this option, you will see the words “Plus Yes” printed on your main Daily Million ticket and it will then be entered into an additional draw. In such a case, the odds of winning any prize in Daily Million and Daily Million Plus are 1 in 14, while the top prize in this draw is €500,000.
To play Daily Million Plus is very easy. Once you have picked up numbers for your main ticket, mark the Daily Million Plus box on the top left corner of the playslip. That’s it! Do not forget, however, that Irish Daily Million results for the main draw differ from those for Daily Million Plus draw.

Advance Play

A good thing is that there is some kind of subscription option, known as Advance Play. It allows players to play Daily Million up to 7 draws in advance (players can specify the number themselves). It is a great choice for those who do not have an opportunity to regularly purchase new entires, although it does not give players any discounts, unfortunately. As for Daily Millions results for the Advance Play, they become available an hour after the draw, as it was explained above.

Reuse your playslip

In case you are one of those players who prefer to play the same set of numbers, you will appreciate the opportunity to keep your playslip handy. In particular, there are “My favorite numbers” and “My Last Ticket” buttons. In other words, the set of your favorite Daily Millions numbers will always be easy to access and you won’t need to complete a fresh playslip every time you decide to play. 

Payment of prizes

Keep in mind that all the prizes are to be claimed within 90 days from the date of the draw. Unless the prize is claimed within this time limit, the winning ticket expires, regardless of the prize category and the overall Daily Millions results. In such a case, the prize amount is allocated to a special reserve fund. A good news is that all the prizes except for prizes of the first and the second categories may be received on the day following the draw. Depending on how many Daily Millions numbers the player managed to guess and their winning amount, most prizes may be claimed at Retail Sales Agents, the Prize Claim Centre Agents and Lottery Headquarters. In addition to this, it is possible to claim a prize by mail. However, prizes of €15,000 and above may only be claimed at Lottery Headquarters. As for the top prize, it is only payable by cheque at the following address: The National Lottery, Abbey Street Lower, Dublin 1. 
An important thing is that players must be 18 or over to play, although it is written in the official Daily Million rules that in case the owner of a winning ticket is under 18, all the payments will be made to their parent or official guardian. 

Summing up

In such a way, Daily Million draws take place twice a day, seven days a week. While the top prize is €1 million, players have an opportunity to improve the odds of winning and get a chance to win €500,000 by selecting the Daily Million Plus option. The price per ticket is €1, while participation in the Daily Million Plus draw will cost you additional 50c. The overall winning odds, as mentioned above, are 1 in 28. Irish Daily Million results, as it was already mentioned, are available an hour after the draw. Even though Daily Million is definitely not one of the lotteries with a chance to win a huge mega jackpot, it is still worthy of attention. It indeed is!