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California Super Lotto results

California Super Lotto winning numbers. US California SuperLotto was started up almost 30 years ago. In contrast to other American lotteries held in several states, this lottery is confined solely to the State of California. Nevertheless, California SuperLotto is available for any player from the United States of America and around the globe through the online lottery ticket sales services. California SuperLotto minimal guaranteed jackpot is set at $7 mln. If there is no one lucky enough to match the winning combination consisting of the 5 main California Super Lotto numbers and 1 so-called Mega Number the jackpot is rolled over to the next draw until there is someone to claim the grand prize. As California SuperLotto sets no limitations as for the jackpot size, usually it grows astonishingly high. In line with the draft law enacted in August 2010, at least 87% of the lottery ticket sales revenues are used to improve social welfare in California. Take a chance to become another lottery millionaire, play and check California Super Lotto results online.

Latest Super Lotto Plus results, January 19 2022 (3 days ago):

08 25 27 46 47 24

Super Lotto Plus results, January 15 2022 (7 days ago):

01 26 34 42 45 10
Country USA
Numbers to Guess 5 from 47
Additional Numbers 1 from 27
Jackpot Winning Chances 1 in 41 416 353
Next Jackpot 8000000
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How does it work?

So how is California SuperLotto to be played? First of all, players have to choose the 5 main California Super Lotto numbers from the guess range of 1 to 47 and then the additional or the so-called Mega Number from the range of 1 to 27. Winning the lottery requires matching the combination of California Super Lotto winning numbers including both the main and additional numbers. Apart from the jackpot, this game offers another 8 additional categories. California SuperLotto overall winning odds are estimated as 1 in 23. Compared to other similar lotteries California SuperLotto offers rather high chances to win one of the available cash prizes.
California SuperLotto has 9 prize categories in total. Interestingly enough, players will win the last 9th category matching only one of the drawn California Super Lotto numbers. It is an unprecedented case for the lotteries of the kind. The bonus MegaNumber is accountable for increasing the cash prizes in several categories. Impressively enough, 97% of California SuperLotto revenues are allocated to support local educational initiatives, pay royalties for retailers and pay out prizes with only remaining 6% used to cover administrative costs.

Playing California SuperLotto

California SuperLotto is available for any Californian aged 18 or older. However, California SuperLotto tickets are now available for any American or foreign players having access to the Internet through the online ticket sales services. If you choose the online version of the game, the sales service representative will buy the ticket with your selected California Super Lotto numbers as well as will make it available online.

California Super Lotto results

California Super Lotto results are available after the draws held two times a week on Wednesday and Saturday at 7.57 p.m. PST (UTC -8:00) at the operator's headquarters in Sacramento. The draws are broadcasted live on several local TV channels. Still, you do not have to adjust your timetable to watch the broadcast as the California Super Lotto results and other related information is published online at our website.

Winning odds

The chances to win anything in California SuperLotto are estimated as 1 in 49. Find below the list the lottery's prize categories depending on the matched California Super Lotto winning numbers, the related dividends and winning odds (MN - Mega Number).


Prize category


Winning chance, %

Winning odds


5 + MN

0.000002415 %

1 : 41,416,353



0.00006 %

1 : 1,592,937


4 + MN

0.0005 %

1 : 197,221



0.013 %

1 : 7,585


3 + MN

0.02 %

1 : 4,810



0.54 %

1 : 185


2 + MN

0.28 %

1 : 361


1 + MN

1.35 %

1 : 74



2.04 %

1 : 49


Record Jackpots

California SuperLotto minimal jackpot is fixed at $7 mln. It is not restricted as for the size and the number of possible roll-overs. The lottery's record pot was reported in 2002 reaching $193 mln.

Claiming prizes

If you were lucky to win matching one of California Super Lotto winning numbers combination, you may choose between two ways to get your cash prize. You may claim it as a lump sum then the actual payment will be less than the declared prize. Or you may choose an annuity and get the sum split into 26 yearly payment (losing nothing in this case). This is also peculiar for US Powerball and USA Mega Millions.
Prizes are to be claimed with 180 days period from the draw date. Otherwise, they will be sent to California Education Fund which comes in line with the lotteries initial mission aimed at supporting such public initiatives.
In case you have won California SuperLotto online you will be immediately notified by SMS or email with the latest California Super Lotto results and your prize. Prizes less than $2,500 will be automatically credited to your personal account. If winning more or even a jackpot, you will be personally contacted by the sales service representative to handle the issue. Just in a few cases, your personal attendance will be required to get the prize which is subject to taxation (30%). So do not miss a draw, keep up with California SuperLotto winning numbers online, play and check California SuperLotto results on the web.