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The Swiss are known to be very precise of what they are doing be it the wrist watches, banking services, cheese or chocolate. The same goes about the country's national lotto known worldwide as Swiss Lotto. The Lotto has rightfully won its place among the globally popular games offered by the online lottery agencies due to the engaging gameplay, big cash prizes and of course the reasonable chances to win both the jackpot and the secondary prizes. This is what makes players from all over the planet buy lottery tickets online for Swiss Lotto. Join the international online lottery players' community, play Swiss Lotto online.

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There are many interesting features in Swiss Lotto gameplay you can read about at our site. The basic rules imply choosing a certain quantity of numbers from the two separate ranges: 6 main numbers from the set of 1-42 and 1 bonus number (the so-called Glückszahl) out of 6 possible. Winning the jackpot, the main cash prize once reaching 48 mln francs, requires matching the drawn combination of the 6 main and a bonus number. Relying just on luck or intuition, you can choose the numbers yourself or use the quick selection tool. Swiss Lotto is held 2 times a week on Wednesday and Saturday respectively at 9:40 p.m. and at 7:20 p.m. Swiss time (UTC +2) - Swiss Lotto results. Even if you decide to play Swiss Lotto online you will have to remember about the sales closing time which is usually several hours before the draw.

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Our key recommendations to buy lottery tickets online for Swiss Lotto are as follows: avoid the unreliable resources playing only at the credible, transparent sites. Visit LocaLotto.com to find the list of the top online lottery sites available on the web as well as those offering to play Swiss Lotto online, in particular. Make use of the reviews and you will not have to spend much time looking for the info, feedbacks or complaints. Try your luck at winning this game, buy lottery tickets online for Swiss Lotto.