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Buy Powerball tickets online South Africa

South African lottery industry is currently on the stage of the active development. This goes both about the traditional over-the-counter and online sales. To keep up the local players' interest, South African lottery operators decided to introduce the internationally renowned lotto originating in the USA, slightly changing the format. That was American Powerball. Eventually, the game became so popular that a lot of online lottery agents decided to offer the players from other countries buy Powerball tickets online (South Africa).

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Play Powerball online South Africa

As it was mentioned above SA Powerball format was changed in term of the applied matrix, prizes, winning combinations and chances. As opposed to its American counterpart, SA Powerball offers players to choose 5 balls (yourself or automatically at random) from the pool of 1-45 and 1 bonus ball out of 20 possible. In this way the odds of winning were hiked considerable, still, the prizes are far from those in the USA. If you are lucky to hit all the drawn balls, you will be the jackpot winner. The main prize in this lotto starts from $250,000 and reaches several million dollars. The jackpot will depend on the number of previous roll-overs. The lotto draws take place 2 times a week on Tuesday and Friday at 9.30 p.m. SA time (UTC +2).

Lottery agents

What is the most secure way to play to buy Powerball tickets online (South Africa)? The answer is as follows: choose the reputable and honest online lottery player. It will not be too hard finding the reviews at LocaLotto website. After reading the review and choosing the agents you like most, click the corresponding button to proceed to play Powerball online (South Africa). Take a chance to improve your financial standing, play Powerball online and be lucky to win!