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Following the example of its neighbor, Australia, New Zealand lottery operators have also implemented their version of the popular lotto originating in the United Stated of America and later also started up in South Africa and Australia. Every country approached this lottery differently more or less changing the format from the original one mostly to hike the popularity among the local players. NZ Powerball format underwent more chances compared to other Powerball family games. It is not problematic at all to buy Powerball tickets online (New Zealand). The totally other thing is finding a reliable online lottery agent to play Powerball online (New Zealand). And this comes as no surprise taking into account the number of the online lottery agents.

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As it was already mentioned above NZ Powerball format is different from the US, Aussie, and SA versions. First and foremost, apart from the bonus ball, NZ Powerball, uses the additional ball. In this way, there are more winning combination and prize categories respectively. In this way, you are to choose the 6 main numbers from the barrel of 1 to 40, the bonus Powerball number out 10 possible as well as the additional ball from 34 remaining numbers in the set. The matched 6 main numbers and the bonus ball will define the jackpot winner. The lottery is played and broadcasted once a week on Saturday at 8.00 p.m NZ time (UTC +12).

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