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Have you ever thought of playing the local lottery while visiting some foreign country? Surely enough, you will hardly go there deliberately just to try the lottery luck and will play only should the opportunity arise. However, it is no longer the case with the internationally renowned games. And Hungarian Otoslotto is one of them as it is available at numerous Internet resources so that you can play Otoslotto online from home just finding a reliable place to buy lottery tickets online for Otoslotto.

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In Hungarian “otos” means “consisting of five”. So as the name implies there 5 winning numbers in this lotto which are drawn by the automatic lotto machine loaded with a set of balls numbered from one to ninety. Playing online you will be offered a quick-pick option just like it is the case playing over the retail counter. Choosing it you will save time as the ticket entry will be filled in automatically. If the 5 selected numbers match the 5 drawn, congratulations, you were lucky to hit the jackpot. The ticket sales will be closed an hour or two before the drawing lasting from 6.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. (UTC +2) every week on Saturday.

Lottery agents

As opposed to the traditional format when you buy the tickets at the officially authorized outlets, the online game makes security the main issue of concern. Sometimes finding a reliable agent (like PlayHugeLottos) offering the game you want to play is not an easy task. You will not have to analyze much info on the web and the users' feedbacks as it was already done for you by LocaLotto. Choose the lottery agent, read the review and proceed to the game if you like it, or vice versa, choose your game and select the best agent offering it online. If it is the Hungarian games, then play Otoslotto online and win big!