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As it is the case in the United States of America there are lottery games of the country-wide and the state level in Canada. Each province lottery operator runs the lotteries separately reporting to the country's head lottery managing organization OLG. As it is understood from the name Ontario 49 in a state-level lottery sold over the counter only in the Province of Ontario, Canada. Still, the provincial and state borders have nothing to do with online gaming. Not that long there were only a few sites offering to buy lottery tickets online for Canada Ontario 49. The situation had changed considerably with the high-paced online marketing development. It is not a problem any longer to play Ontario 49. Still, we have to be vigilant and avoid using the doubtful services.

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You will have no problems playing online. The online lottery agents provide the detailed instructions so that all you have to do is to follow them. Concerning the gameplay itself. As it is suggested by the name, the participant has to decide on the seven numbers which are drawn by the specialized automatic drum from the set of the same balls numbered from one to forty-nine. It sounds easy as it is, choose and match the first six numbers drawn and you will win the mind-boggling prize of 2 million Canadian dollars. You can play the game weekly on Wednesday and Saturday. The draws take place at 9.00 p.m. Canadian time (UTC -5).

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You can buy lottery tickets online for Canada Ontario 49 as the single entries for the separate draw or as one entry for several draws in advance if you have a feeling that the numbers are your lucky ones and would surely deliver the big prize. Another important point goes about finding the reputable online lottery agent and subscribing for its services. This is an essential recommendation to get the won prizes guaranteed and not to spend the money for nothing. This is what we basically aim: review and assess the offered lottery services for the players' convenience. Play Ontario 49 online and who knows maybe this will be your lucky game which will make you a millionaire!