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New York is not only a home for the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Times Square and a number of other iconic places but also a hosting state of the unanimous lottery. It is extremely popular among the state's citizens. Originating as a state-level game it has already changed its status and extended its geographical reach beyond the state and even the country via the world wide web. Currently you can buy lottery tickets online for New York Lotto living, for instance, in Colorado and Ohio or even Argentina and Poland. The numerous services enable us to play NY Lotto online irrespective of the actual play you stay and nationality. All we have to do is to choose a reliable online lottery agency (like GiantLottos, for example).

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Play NY Lotto online

None of the online lottery agents changes the format of NY Lotto as their basic function implies buying the original tickets and crossing the numbers selected by the players. They will buy the tickets (mind it takes certain time, so be sure to make the purchase several hours before the draw) and will fill in the numbers you will have to choose at the website from the set of one to fifty-nine. You can opt between the manual and automatic selection. The jackpot winning combination has to match the first 6 numbers randomly drawn by the lotto machine. The 7th ball makes up the 2nd prize-winning combination only. New York Lotto drawings take place every week on Saturday & Wednesday at 11.21 p.m. (UTC +2).

Lottery agents

So what you need to buy lottery tickets online for New York Lotto is to be at least 18 years old as well as have the Internet connection to choose the online lottery agency, register and play NY lotto online. Supposed you are over 18 and have a strong desire to try your fortune in this lotto then you are to choose the reliable resource which may be somewhat challenging as some them are more transparent about the pricing policy, winning royalties and notifications and other related things while other are less. This challenge can be easily tackled reading the reviews at LocaLotto and comparing the agents just in several clicks. Take a chance to try your lottery luck and win really big, play NY lotto online!