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If you are interested in playing lotteries in general and do not mind playing Mexican lotteries in particular, Melate Retro is the one you should by no means miss. This is a cute small lottery with quite a modest jackpot, but still great winning odds! If you are curious to know more, the jackpot starts from the amount of 5 million pesos and grows in each successive draw until the lucky winner is found. Finally, one more good news is that you do not need to live in Mexico to participate. To buy Melate Retro lottery tickets online is the matter of a few minutes, while the prizes may be claimed by your agent. Just do not hesitate to try your luck and start to play Melate Retro online right now!

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Play Melate Retro online

To play Melate Retro online is as simple as playing the lottery in Mexico. According to the lottery rules, it is necessary to choose 6 numbers from 1 to 39, as well as the 7th bonus number. There are 7 prize categories, and it is enough to guess 6 main numbers to win the prize of the first category. To win the smallest prize, players need to guess one of the main numbers and a bonus number. As for the winning odds, the chance to win the jackpot is 1 to 1:3,262,623, while the chance to win the prize of the 7th category is 1 to 15. Quite enough, if to compare to other lottery games.
Do not forget that if you are going to buy Melate Retro lottery tickets online, you have an opportunity to use the Quick Pick option and let the computer generate you ticket numbers instead of picking them up on your own. On the other hand, you might prefer to check the statistics of hot and cold numbers, like many experienced players do. The choice is yours!

Lottery agents

To buy Melate Retro lottery tickets online is easy and quick. Quite a lot of lottery agents provide this opportunity, but players should keep in mind that ticket prices may vary from agent to agent. What is more, the difference in prices may be quite noticeable. Remember that the price is determined by the agent’s service fee (it is generally included into the ticket price) and the amount of lines the player is paying for. It is possible to play Melate Retro online with The Lotter, for example, which may be fairly called one of the leading online lottery providers. In particular, they offer 4 lines of Melate Retro for only $5.40, which is quite a reasonable price comparing to the one offered by other lottery agents.