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Every nation runs a national lottery to support the social development initiatives. The same goes about South Africa which has been since the beginning of 2000 the running its own Lotto. Being a relatively young game, SA Lotto already boasts the international lottery status being provided by many online lottery agents. In this way, any lottery player from any point on the globe (with the Internet access) can buy lottery tickets online or play Lotto online (South Africa). The agents are numerous so that it is recommended to test their credibility or at least read the related services review.

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Play Lotto Online

No matter whether you play Lotto online (South Africa) or at the lottery retail shop you will have to follow the general rules adopted for the game. The game-play implies choosing 6 numbers from the range of 1-49 as well as 1 bonus number from the 43 remaining. These 7 numbers will be accounted for winning the jackpot and are drawn using the automatic lottery machine. You are free to choose one of the numbers selection strategies: to select them yourself or get them quick-picked. Don't forget about the sales closing time before the draws held 2 times a week on Wednesday and Saturday at 7.30 p.m. GMT.

Lottery agents

The official South Africa Lotto operator's reputation is not doubted still there are other online lottery agents offering tickets online. Before giving money, check it out whether they are trustworthy. The major online lottery agencies are listed at LocaLotto website which provides the detailed review for each of them and the corresponding links to play Lotto online (South Africa). You will not have to worry about the security issues using the reliable services (like PlayHugeLottos, for example). Find other lotteries and agents reviews at LocaLotto. Win big with Lotto South Africa, play Lotto online!