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On the first glance, there is nothing much peculiar in Romania, a developing European country, except for the Carpathian Mountains of the breath-taking beauty and the legend about Count Dracula. But wait Romania runs an engaging Lotto of the national status. Romanians say they are not too passionate for gambling still it is hardly resistible not to try winning millions spending just several leu to play the lottery. On the wave of the increasing popularity, the game is also widely played in other countries via the services provided by the online lottery agents.

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Loto Romania is a traditional jackpot lottery of the draw type using a single matrix of the lottery numbers from 1 to 49. Playing online or at the retail shop, you will have to select 6 numbers from the mentioned pool. If fortune smiles and you match all 6, our congratulations, you will hit the jackpot which will be rolled over every time when there is no winner and possibly reaching several dozen million after the number of roll-overs. The more it is rolled over the bigger is the prize. The drawings are held on Thursday and Sunday correspondingly at 4.45 p.m. and 7.00 p.m. local time (UTC +3), so be sure to buy lottery tickets online for Loto Romania before that time.

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For obvious reasons, we would not recommend playing at the shady and non-transparent sites. Spend some time finding out more about the site you are going to play Loto Romania online. The choice won't be too challenging visiting Localotto.com and reading the corresponding reviews on the lotto agencies and the games they feature. Proceed as follows: select Loto Romania to see the review and the list of the hosting online lottery sites, then choose one of the sites to read the review. If you do not want to read the whole article check out the main pros and cons listed at the end of the page. Then buy lottery tickets online for Loto Romania. Try your luck to become instantly richer, play Loto Romania online!