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Hoosier Lotto is a world-wide known lottery established as far back as 1994. Interestingly, more than 8 million tickets were sold as early as on the first day of sales. Like most American lotteries, Hoosier Lotto is played two times a week – on Wednesday and Saturday at 11 p.m. local time. The jackpot amounts to $1 million and keeps growing by $500,000 until the winner is found. Play Hoosier Lotto online and you may become the one! Remember, however, that the jackpot starts increasing only after the second draw.

According to Hoosier Lotto rules, players are to choose 6 numbers from 48. The reward is worth the effort – the lottery is famous for its huge jackpots. In order to buy Hoosier Lotto tickets online, go to an agent's website and click the «Buy ticket» button. We wish you good luck!

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