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Buy lottery tickets online for Dupla Sena

Dupla Sena is rightfully one of the most popular lotto games in Brazil as well as abroad due to the constantly increasing number of the online lottery agents. In this way, it is hardly surprising that the lottery players more often ask where to get the lottery tickets online for Dupla Sena or how to play Dupla Sena online securely with minimal risk to be cheated. The online and over-the-counter game-plays are not very different.

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Play Dupla Sena Online

There are totally sixty numbers used in this game. 6 numbers from 1 to 60 are to be chosen and matched. Matching all the 6 numbers drawn you will get a jackpot ranging from several hundred thousand to several million dollars (depending on the previous roll-overs). Playing online you can both check off the numbers yourself clicking the corresponding cells or get them automatically quick-picked by the system. The selection is completely randomized. The lotto raffles are held weekly on Thursday and Friday evenings at 8.00 p.m. (GMT). To buy lottery tickets online for Dupla Sena, make sure you have chosen one or several credible lottery agents. Save your time, visit LocaLotto and do it minutes.

Lottery agents

LocaLotto website gives the lottery players access to the in-depth reviews on the lottery agents’ services. Visit Compare Agents page to collate the offered prices, special offers or bonuses as well as the list of the online agents’ sites to play Dupla Sena online. The services are secured by the latest info protection tools. You do not have to visit Brazil to play this lotto. The ticket will be purchased on your behalf. Take an excellent chance to win millions, play Dupla Sena online.