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Daily Millions is an Irish-based draw game with quite a modest jackpot amounting to €1 million, but still high winning odds. To be more precise, the overall odds of winning anything are 1 in 28. Not that bad! Another good news is that the chances of winning are easy to improve by adding the Plus option for an additional 50c cost. In such case, the player’s main ticket numbers will be entered into an additional Daily Millions Plus draw with the top prize being €500,000. Keep in mind, however, that even though it is possible to play Daily Million online, prizes over €15,000 are to be claimed at the Headquarters of the Irish National Lottery, the lottery’s official operator. And still, this would be an amazing journey purpose! Buy Daily Million ticket online and keep the packed suitcase handy!

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Play Daily Million online

As for the rules, to play Daily Million online is very simple. Players are to choose 6 main numbers from the range between 1 and 39. Apart from this, there is the 7th Bonus number, although it’s unnecessary to guess it to win the top prize. Overall, the lottery offers seven categories of prizes. To win the smallest prize, it is enough to guess three numbers. As far as winning chances are concerned, the odds of winning jackpot and the 7th category prize are 1 to 3 262 623 and 1 to 33 respectively. We remind that it is unnecessary to physically be in Ireland to take part in the lottery. You can easily buy Daily Million ticket online at any time of your convenience.

Lottery agents

If you want to save time, to buy Daily Million ticket online is a perfect solution. Lots of lottery agents provide this opportunity, but keep in mind that the price may vary. What is more, cheaper is not always better. In other words, it is better to put the priority on the reputation of lottery agents rather than the cost of tickets. If to talk about this particular lottery, we do recommend to play Daily Million online with theLotter. Not only are they reputable and honest, but they also provide an opportunity to buy Daily Million ticket online at quite a reasonable price – just for $2,50 per line. Comparing to some other lottery agents, this is an indeed great choice!