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Buy California Fantasy 5 tickets online

The lottery was established in 1992 and at that moment it was quite hard to purchase a coveted ticket. In order to do this, you would actually need to take a trip to California and find a local ticket store. Luckily, it is no longer a problem to buy California Fantasy 5 tickets online. This opportunity is provided by a number of lottery agents. The minimum ticket price is $1 and may be safely called reasonable, taking into account that the odds of winning the jackpot are as high as 1 to 575,757! In view of this, there is probably no need to explain why the idea to play California Fantasy 5 online is so awesome.

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Play California Fantasy 5 online

If you are going to buy California Fantasy 5 tickets online, don't forget to check if all your personal information is correct and carefully learn all the details of user policy. If you never played on the Internet before, please don't worry. To play California Fantasy 5 online is as easy as in case with paper tickets. The idea is to choose five numbers starting from 1 to 39. As usual, players can do this either themselves or using Quick Pick option. A useful thing to know is that the lottery offers a pleasant bonus called Second Chance. The point is that the player is given one more chance to win a prize after the end of the draw. All you need to use it is to log into your account, find Fantasy 5 – Second Chance page, type the code into the corresponding field and wait for the result. This option, however, is available only in case the ticket price is no less than $5.

Lottery agents

The lottery is officially represented by California State Lottery, but there is one serious disadvantage of using the services of this agent – tickets may be bought only in California itself. However, this is not a trouble at all as it is possible to buy California Fantasy 5 tickets via many other agents. One of them is The Lotter, for instance. Of course, you may find many other options on Localotto website. Finally, you will find a huge list of lottery agents if you type «play California Fantasy 5 online» in the search-field in your browser. Before starting to play, however, make sure you have carefully learned and understood user policy – this will help you avoid any misunderstandings in future. Pay special attention to winning commissions and taxation, the rules of withdrawal, payment methods and so on. As soon as you cope with this, no more hesitations. Just start as soon as possible!