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The latest Colombia Baloto numbers. Colombia Baloto is the country's largest and most popular lottery game. Year by year it attracts the ever growing number of players both from the South America and other countries around the globe. The lottery was started up by the Colombian government and gained wide popularity owing to its enormous jackpots. Although the minimal jackpot is set at $1 mln it often climbs as high as several dozen millions of US dollars as the game sets no limits on the possible number of roll-overs and jackpot size. From its outset, Baloto lottery has been regularly paying out millions in prizes for its lucky winners. If you have not yet played this Colombian lottery then you have a chance to try your luck using online lottery services. And who knows maybe that would be your lucky day to win the pot. Take a chance to win millions, play and check Baloto results online. This is the most convenient way to keep up with Baloto numbers. Colombia Baloto lottery uses a rather simple game-play format: choose 6 Baloto numbers from 1-45 guess range which will be randomly drawn by the lotto raffle drum. 

Country Colombia
Numbers to Guess 6 from 45
Additional Numbers No Add. Numbers
Jackpot Winning Chances 1 in 8 145 060
Next Jackpot 4964400
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How does it work?

The players may opt between the 3 offered Baloto numbers selection features. The first and the most widely used one is Natural Selection when players check off their Baloto numbers manually. The second feature is referred to as Quick Pick and implies getting Baloto numbers randomly generated by the computer. The so-called My Lucky Numbers feature allows playing favorite or special numbers in several draws.    
Those matching all the 6 Baloto winning numbers drawn will win the jackpot. The lottery's minimal guaranteed top prize is set at 2 billion Colombian pesos (about USD1 mln). If there is no jackpot winner the main cash prize is rolled over into the next draw prize pool and can grow astonishingly big. If there are several jackpot winning tickets, the money is split equally between them. The lotto also offers another 3 prize categories for those matching only 3, 4 or 5 Baloto winning numbers. The amount of cash prizes in any category will depend on and will be calculated based on the overall prize pool.

Playing Colombia Baloto lottery

Anyone aged 18 and older can take part in Colombia Baloto lottery. And, what is more important, it is not necessary to be Colombia citizen or live there to play this lotto game. Any player from any part of the globe can access it using the online lottery sales services. Playing the game is easy, all you have to do is to go online, buy the ticket and wait for the latest Baloto results.
The tickets are available every day of the week over the counter through the wide official retail network (VIA Baloto) in Colombia as well as through online services. Remember, the ticket sales are closed 3 hours before the draw starts and are resumed immediately after the latest Baloto results are published.

Latest Baloto Results

The latest Baloto results are available after the draws carried out two times a week on Wednesday and Saturday at Baloto lottery headquarters. The draws are attended by the government delegate and are broadcasted live on the national RCN TV channel AT 11 p.m. local time (UTC -5). The latest Baloto results are also published in El Tiempo newspaper.
If you played the lottery online outside Colombia you can also check Baloto results updates which will be available soon after the draw on our web page also providing access to the yearly archive of Baloto winning numbers and info on the upcoming draws.

Winning odds

To win Baloto lottery jackpot, players have to match 6 Baloto numbers drawn from the range of 1 to 45. Apart from the jackpot, you will have to check Baloto results in another 4 prize divisions. The winning chances for the top and the last division are estimated respectively as 1 in 8,145,060 and 1 in 45. Please find below the list of prize categories, winning odds and the required matches of Baloto winning numbers. 


Prize category


Winning chance, %

Winning odds



0.000012 %

1 : 8,145,060



0.003 %

1 : 34,808



0.14 %

1 : 733



2.2 %

1 : 45


Record jackpots

Although Colombia Baloto minimal jackpot is set at about USD1 mln, usually it exceeds dozens of millions due to the repeated roll-overs which supports its popularity and high interest among the lottery fans. In this way, Baloto record jackpot was reported to reach 117 mln of Colombian pesos (or about 50 mln of American dollars). 

Claiming prizes

If luck has smiled upon you and you have won one of Baloto cash prizes you will have to know exactly how to claim the prize. Supposed you have bought the ticket from the official dealer then you will only be able to claim the prize being on the territory of Colombia. Remember that the prize claiming time is limited, so be sure to ask your dealer about that. Besides, all the prizes are taxable, which makes 20% of the sum.     
If you have bought the ticket online than you can feel 100% secure as the online lottery service representative will shoulder all responsibility and in case you were lucky enough to match the winning combination you will be immediately notified about the won sum by SMS or email. The money won in the secondary prize divisions will be credited to your personal account and can be further used for the upcoming draws or sent to your bank account. Winning the jackpot (which is a rather big sum to handle) you will be contacted to decide on the most convenient way for you to get the money. So do not miss a draw, keep up with Baloto numbers, play and check Baloto results online.