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Austria Lotto numbers online. Austria Lotto or “Lotto 6 aus 45” (Lotto Austria 6/45) is one of the most popular lottery games in Austria. For the relatively little money players take part in the multi-million prize raffle which supports keen interest to the game. Started in 1986 and regarded the most popular lottery among Austrian lottery fans, it was held first 29 years ago on 7 September 1986 and has been since holding its draws on the bi-weekly basis. A number of people becoming Lotto Austria 6/45 millionaires can also underscore its high status. Today Lotto Austria 6/45 gains popularity both among the Austrians and the international players’ community via the offered online lottery services. Lotto Austria 6/45 minimal guaranteed jackpot accounts for €1 mln. In case there is no one lucky to guess the winning combination of the 6 Austria lotto numbers, the grand prize is rolled over to the next draw. Take a chance to become another lucky millionaire, play and check Austria Lotto results online.

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Country Austria
Numbers to Guess 6 from 45
Additional Numbers 1 from 39
remaining numbers
not accountable for jackpot
Jackpot Winning Chances 1 in 8 145 060
Next Jackpot 1597178.8
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How does it work?

The rules for this lottery are rather simple. Each player has to select six Austria lotto numbers from the guess range of 1 to 45 as well as one bonus number from the remaining 39. It uses a single lottery drum to pick up randomly 6 main Austria lotto numbers and one bonus number. The bonus number is accountable for increasing the prize enabling those guessing the minimal number of balls to become lottery winners. In this way, the game offers cash prizes even for matching the single bonus number.

Paying the additional fee to use more than just 6 Austria lotto numbers (the so-called System entry) allows hiking the winning rates. Lotto Austria System Entry allows choosing up to 12 numbers all of which will be equivalently used to produce the possible winning combinations. The more numbers you choose the higher are your chances to win one of the 8 offered prize categories.

Playing Lotto Austria 6/45

Any player from any country has to be above 18 years old to participate in Lotto Austria. Buying lottery tickets players have to bear in mind that the sales close 3 hours before the draw. The sales resume as soon as the latest Austria lotto results are published.

Using online lottery sales services, you will get your ticket purchased by the service representative on your behalf. The ticket and all the required game info will be available in your personal online account. So that all you have to do is to register, top up your account and wait for the latest Austria lotto results.

Players may opt between 3 game-play features available online:

1. manual selection
2. automatic generation of numbers for each draw
3. the chosen lucky numbers are played several draws in advance

Latest Austria lotto results

This Austrian lottery popularity among the global players' community is constantly growing as it provides fair odds and lower competition for prizes compared to other distinguished games. It offers prizes even for a single guessed ball with the jackpot reaching €10 mln. The latest Austria lotto results are available after the draws carried out 2 times a week on Wednesday at 4:48 p.m.and Sunday at 5:15 p.m. (GMT). Austria lotto results will be also available on our website minutes after the draw. Here you can as well find information on the upcoming draws and jackpot size.

Winning odds

The odds to win one of the offered prize divisions of Lotto Austria 6/45 are much favorable as opposed to other European lotteries. The odds to win Lotto Austria pot are estimated as 1 in 8,145,060 as opposed to 1 in 116,531,800 for the EuroMillions jackpot. The prize pool accounts for about a half of the lottery tickets sales revenues (BB stands for Bonus Ball).


Prize category


Winning chance, %

Winning odds



0.000012 %

1 : 8,145,060


5 + BB

0.00007 %

1 : 1,357,510




1 : 35,724


4 + BB

0.007 %

1 : 14,290



0.13 %

1 : 772


3 + BB

0.17 %

1 : 579



2.08 %

1 : 48


2 + BB

1.56 %

1 : 64


To make the numbers selection process easier, players may use the so-called “hot & cold” numbers statistics which represents the frequency of Austria lotto winning numbers appearance in the draws. The hottest Austria lotto numbers are 17, 24, 39, 42, 43 and 44. These numbers are expected to make up the winning combinations more frequently as opposed to the cold Austria lotto numbers: 01, 04, 22, 28, 33 and 35. Be aware of the probability issues: the longer the number does not show up in the draws the higher is the chance for it to appear in the next one and vice versa.

Record Jackpots

Throughout Lotto Austria history the jackpot has never been less than €1.5 mln. As it is the case with other similar lotteries, the grand prize rolls over every next draw until there is a lucky winner matching the six Austria lotto winning numbers mostly reaching up to €5 mln. Lotto Austria biggest jackpot of 9.643.151,70 Euro was won in August 2015.

Apart from the main prize, the lottery offers another 7 secondary divisions which require matching from 1 to 5 main Austria lotto winning numbers and optionally the bonus number. Winning the lottery's last division requires guessing the bonus number alone.
Interestingly enough, over the 29 years of operation, the amount of prizes distributed by Lotto Austria is 50 times higher than the Austrian population. In this way, there would be a chance for every Austrian citizen to win this lottery 50 times.

Claiming prizes

Irrespective of the cash value, prizes can be claimed immediately in a lump sum tax-free. If you opt to take part in the lottery online, be sure to make inquiries on the taxation issues in the country you are playing in. So do not miss an opportunity to become a lottery millionaire, play and check Austria Lotto results online.