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Arsenal Lotto

Arsenal Lotto review

Is the lottery website Arsenal Lotto scam or legit and trustworthy? This review is aimed to assess the offered services quality and reliability as well as to help the online players to answer several topical questions. So what backs Arsenal Lotto legit standing? The website is operated by LottoNetwork registered as a limited liability company in England and Wales. It offers one unanimous lottery drawn every Saturday and Wednesday. The key pros and cons are listed in Arsenal Lotto review summary at the page bottom. 

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Arsenal Lotto review: General Info

The questions topical for the review are: What is Arsenal Lotto legit background? Isn't Arsenal Lotto scam? Is the online lottery betting services provider Arsenal Lotto trustworthy enough?

About 26% of the raised revenues are forwarded to Arsenal Foundation providing grants for the young aspiring people engaged in sport projects as well as supporting the local sport development. The site's support service is available from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m. (British time). Arsenal Lotto legit status online is secured by Norton Safe Web, Google Safe Web.

Every user who has bought at least 1 ticket will be automatically listed in the monthly draw raffling the following prizes: 1st place - attending Arsenal football team training; 2nd place – soccer match tickets; 3rd place – the prize with the team members autographs.

ArsenalLotto uses the 6/49 matrix. This means that players will have to select 6 numbered balls from the guess range of 1 to 49 in addition to the bonus ball called the “Legend”.

Is Arsenal Lotto trustworthy? To find out info about the winners click the “Lotto-Winners” tab. We have found only 5 feedbacks (and no Arsenal Lotto scam emails complaints), still according to the site there were more winners (most names are not disclosed for the personal reasons) and the largest won prize accounted for £25,226,396.

Arsenal Lotto review: How does ArsenalLotto work?

Make the 3 easy steps to start playing at ArsenalLotto:

- Select 6 balls and 1 extra number;

- Choose the draw dates and the number of draws you would like to play. You can also select the subscription option to activate automatic ticket purchases;

- Set up an account (fill in 2 fields), and that is it! Everything is arranged for the game.

ArsenalLotto winning combinations (MN - main numbers)

6 MN + Legend


6 MN


5 MN


4 MN


3 MN



0.5 free lines in the lottery*


* except for the syndicate entries

Arsenal Lotto review: Syndicates

The website offers 2 types of syndicates: “Supporters” and “World Football”. “Supporters” is drawn 2 times a week priced £2.50 per line. The maximal entry lines limit is set at 100. If you want to play just once make sure you did not tick the box for the “repeat participation” otherwise the fee will be withdrawn next draw. The “World Football” syndicate entry line is priced £10. The maximal entry lines limit is set at 1000. Playing in the syndicates you will not be able to choose your numbers.

Arsenal Lotto review: Draw results

To find out the last results click “Lotto-Results”. The results are archived starting from 11 March 2015.

Arsenal Lotto review: Claiming prizes

Is the website trustworthy or scam in terms of payments? If you are lucky to win at you will be send an email notification.

Matching just the bonus “Legend” number, you will win free lottery lines.

The winnings of up to £2,499 will be sent to your personal cabinet at ArsenalLotto.

The cash prizes between £2,500 and £99,999 will be sent to your cabinet only after the personal data confirmation. The site administrator may ask you to send the copy of your passport or other identification document with your photo. You can decide either to leave the money on your account for the upcoming draws or withdraw it.

In case you are lucky to win £100,000 and over, you will have to contact the site's service department by phone or email. The money will be transferred to your bank account or sent as a cheek by mail.

Arsenal Lotto review: Special offers / bonuses

It has no special offers or bonuses yet.

Arsenal Lotto review summary

The detailed review above is destined to assess the services and help the lottery fans to make their choice answering the questions: Is Arsenal Lotto legit? Is the website Arsenal Lotto trustworthy enough? Isn't Arsenal Lotto scam? It provides only 1 lottery online. ArsenalLotto uses a 6/49 matrix and 1 bonus ball. The draws are held 2 times a week on Wednesday and Saturday. Winning the lottery jackpot requires matching 6 main balls and the additional ball “Legend”. The website runs 2 types of syndicates “Supporters” and “World Football” which differ in term of the entry lines quantity and the pricing. Players can buy as many shares as they like but the site cannot guarantee that all of them will be played in the same syndicate. The prizes of up to £100,000 will be credited to the players’ personal account. The prizes over £100,000 will be sent as a cheek or credited to the bank account after the identity confirmation. Matching just the bonus ball players will get free lotto entries (in contrast to the cash winnings in other secondary prize categories). Our impression of Arsenal Lotto: trustworthy and user-friendly. We hope Arsenal Lotto review summary will be helpful for you.


  1. revenues are partly allocated for charities
  2. user-friendly interface