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Is the lottery website AllOut Lotto scam and fake or legit? AllOut Lotto website offers the following lotteries online: UK Lottery, EuroMillions, Mega Millions, Powerball, SuperEnalotto, Irish Lottery, Oz Lotto, OZ Powerball, Super Lotto Plus, France Lotto, Mega Sena, Primitiva (12 totally). The website creates a dual impression and raises numerous questions asked and answered below.


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Avaliable Lotteries 12
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Online Since 2011
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AllOut Lotto sells lottery tickets online for
Country Numbers to Guess Additional Numbers Overall Odds Price Online Next Jackpot Action
2 from 38
remaining numbers
not accountable for jackpot
1 in 55 Oz Lotto Review
1 from 20 1 in 78 Australian Powerball Review
No Add. Numbers 1 in 2297 Mega Sena Review
1 from 27 1 in 24 Super Lotto Plus Review
2 from 11 1 in 13 EuroMillions Review
1 from 10 1 in 6 French Lotto Review
1 from 39
remaining numbers
not accountable for jackpot
1 in 29 Irish Lotto Review
1 from 84
remaining numbers
not accountable for jackpot
1 in 21 SuperEnalotto Review
1 from 43
remaining numbers
not accountable for jackpot
1 in 8 La Primitiva Review
1 from 53
remaining numbers
not accountable for jackpot
1 in 9 National Lottery UK Review
1 from 25 1 in 15 Mega Millions Review
1 from 26 1 in 25 Powerball Review

AllOut Lotto review: General Info

Is the lotto agent AllOut Lotto legit? Isn't AllOut Lotto scam? Are the services of AllOut Lotto trustworthy? Can be the engaging image of a reliable provider AllOut Lotto fake? Are there any AllOutLotto winners? Despite scan info we made AllOut Lotto review as well as provided AllOut Lotto review summary for a quick look.

AllOut Lotto website is founded by Funline Trading Limited. The provided company info is scant and not that transparent so that makes us doubt whether AllOut Lotto trustworthy enough. It provides players an opportunity to take part in the world's most popular lotteries featuring the highest jackpots. Playing at AllOutLotto is easy; first complete the registration which will not take you longer than a few minutes. This is all you have to do to start playing the world's best lotteries without leaving your home sitting in a comfortable chair in front of the computer. uses a protected data transfer SSL gateway so that you can feel save about your personal data which will be in this way secured from the third parties. It will also purchase lottery tickets on your behalf from the approved providers and will assume the prize payment responsibilities. AllOut Lotto legit status is allegedly secured by Google safe browsing.

You can reach the website by email. Although it has online support, we tried to reach it over and over still it was off-line. We do not say that the agents of AllOut Lotto scam the players; still AllOut Lotto fake online chat discredits the website considerably.

AllOut Lotto review: How does it work?

To start using AllOut Lotto website you will have to register first clicking “Register” (orange button right in the top menu). After completing and submitting the registration you will be sent a confirmation email. That is you can start playing clicking the “Play now” icon opposite the lottery you like most. To save time and trouble of choosing lottery numbers yourself you may use a “quick pick” option to get the numbers automatically generated. It is very convenient especially buying several tickets at once.

You may also choose the quantity of draws you wish to play: from 1 to 100. Furthermore you may get one ticket for free buying a certain amount of tickets (which will depend on the lottery you play). Select the number of tickets you wish to play and click “Add” button. All the unpaid tickets will be displayed left in the “Unbought Tickets” section. To pay them up click “Checkout” icon or the “Remove All” button if you change your mind. And finally you will have to choose the most suitable payment option. More detailed information is available in the “How to Buy” tab of the top menu.

AllOut Lotto review: Syndicates

You may also enter a lottery syndicate at AllOut Lotto website as well as take advantage of its loyalty bonus: the more tickets you purchase the lower is the price. This special money saving feature is called “MegaBuy”.
Using “MegaBuy” feature:

1) Sign in to your account;

2) use “Play Now” button opposite your lottery;

3) Use the “Quick Pick” option

4) use “MegaBuy” icon to find out about the discounts offered for the particular lottery.

AllOut Lotto review: Draw results

Here you can also find the lottery updates clicking the “Results and Winners” tab to see the list of lotteries. Click “Show” button under your lottery; choose the draw date to find out the lottery winning numbers, prizes in categories and the number of winners. Still there is one alarming point here. The draw dates are relatively old. For instance UK Lottery last numbers are published on 9 May while this review is written on 2 June. The same goes about OZ Lotto (as of 21 April). Certainly enough this raises doubts: does the website really work and what do you spend your money for?

AllOut Lotto review: Claiming prizes

According to the site's team the winners will be sent a winning notification email (if the prize is up to £5,000) as soon as the results are available. If you are lucky to win the bigger prizes they will contact you by phone that is why it is important to give your real contact data. In case the winner lives abroad they will get the prize on his behalf and credit the money to his account.

AllOut Lotto review: Special offers / bonuses

It has a loyalty program “Level Up”. It is free of charge and requires players just to start buying tickets. It features 20 different levels. The 1st level is granted for the 1st purchased ticket. The program is designed to provide discounts for the future lottery tickets.

After purchasing the specified quantity of tickets the player will be granted the 2nd level and will get 1% discount. The more tickets you purchase the higher status and discount you are granted.

To check your allegiance status, click the corresponding blue icon in your personal cabinet:

1) enter your logging and password to access the personal cabinet;

2) click the blue “Loyalty Status” icon;

3) find out your allegiance status and the sum you need to spend to get to the higher tier.

AllOut Lotto review summary

AllOut Lotto review summary is expected to help players to make their choice in favor or against and answer the following questions (which are really topical): Isn't AllOut Lotto scam? Is AllOut Lotto legit? Can be the image of a reliable provider AllOut Lotto fake? Are the services of AllOut Lotto trustworthy enough? The offered lotteries list UK Lottery, EuroMillions, Mega Millions, Powerball, SuperEnalotto, Irish Lottery, Oz Lotto, OZ Powerball, Super Lotto Plus, French Lotto, Mega Sena and Primitiva. It features loyalty “Level Up” program as well as “MegaBuy” money saving feature: that is the more tickets are bought the bigger is the discount for the future purchases. AllOut Lotto legit status is secured by Google safe browsing. The offered lottery updates are hardly the latest ones while the support service is constantly off-line which certainly raises doubts as for AllOut Lotto trustworthy and credibility level. AllOut Lotto fake online chat taints reputation. We hope this AllOut Lotto review summary will help you to make a decision. And in case you are lucky to become one of the winners, please share your experience as far as the question: “Is AllOut Lotto scam or legit?” is still open.


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